July 23, 2014

This is one of those days when I log into Blogger, having completely no idea what I'm gonna write about but I just feel like filling up this space before school gets real busy for me. School has been hectic, as always. But I love what I'm doing and it keeps me going.

Today, I received back my Advertising module's proposal that I've been working REALLY REALLY hard for. To be honest, I was very nervous about receiving the results because throughout the project, I've been really stubborn and quite bossy :x I knew my idea was good but I was absoluteeeeely anxious about the project since it would be my fault if we didn't do well. And I haven't been doing well at school at all :-(

But surprise!!! We did a lot better than I expected!!!!!! I was aiming for an A but at the same time, preparing my ass to get just a B+ because I felt that there was a few elements I missed out in the print ads but my lecturer actually said my ads were very creative and FLAWLESS! I remember clearly that we scored a 9.5/10 for it omfg. I was so happy I could die :')

I also redesigned the packaging of the product we are doing on and my lecturer said the new packaging is awesome! Not only that, she praised our radio ads and our TV commercial, calling them really hilarious and telling us she had a great time marking. Our creative brief and consumer sales promotion design were well done too and we got almost full marks for everything!!!

I appreciate my group mates who went my way and tolerated me when I was very pushy with my ideas and I'm grateful that they trusted the designing of the print ads in my hands. And I'm so satisfied that we worked together, created a really adorable TVC and radio commercial. Everything worked out so perfectly in the end!

Okay, I know people are probably expecting photos of our campaign but because this project is still on-going, my group mates and I have decided that we will only upload the photos after our final presentation! Hopefully we'll continue to do well hehe.

Anyway, in Mass Communication in Ngee Ann Poly, we get to choose a specialisation in Year 3 and I have somewhat already decided that in Year 3, I want to specialise in Advertising & Public Relations but doing well in this module affirms my choice even more.

Four years ago, when I first chanced upon Mass Comm while randomly researching on polytechnic courses, I would have never imagined myself taking this path. Even after getting my JPSAE results, I assumed that I would go to Mass Comm and do some writing or something along those lines. Back then, my dream was actually to be a journalist *cringes so hard right now thinking about News Writing*.

But today, I can never be more pleased and contented at where I am at. I may not have the highest GPA, but I know I am good at something and that's good enough for me.

I am truly, truly thankful for everyone that helped me along the way because I couldn't have done it alone.

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