You think you know people.

August 06, 2014

Today in summary:

Had a presentation for my Media Research Methods module today and while I'm terrible at presentations, I never expected things to finish on such a bad note.

For one, I'm horrible at this module. The worst. It's like Science to me when I was in secondary school. It didn't help that the lecturer doesn't like me much. I was really helpless at this project and the only input I could give was at the last part of our proposal which has slightly less numbers and not so theoretical.

The presentation was disastrous.

I have no idea why did it turn out this awful because we were quite sure that we were prepared. Uhh, well, as prepared as we could be with only three out of five active members in the group.

I wasn't expecting an A but I didn't expect it to end this horrendously either.

Most of all, I didn't expect to see your true colours.

I thought you were different. I really did. I thought you were a rare find in this realistic environment that only cares about grade. I spoke nothing but great things about you in spite of the warnings I've heard. I chose to think the best of you despite what I've heard.

I should have listened.
I really should have.

They were right. You were just like them. Every single bit of you. Just like them, you would betray those that love you, those that genuinely care about you, simply for the chance of getting a better grade.

This is no longer just about my grades. Anyhow, my GPA is already bad and I've got nothing to lose. This is about me speaking up for you and you proving them right. This is about me defending you and you showing me that you wouldn't give a fuck about me as long as you save your grades.

What you did sickens me. But the fact that I am taking time to write this blog post shows how much I still care. Sometimes, I wish I could be like you so I wouldn't get hurt so much.

You may call this response to your actions over-dramatic but the truth is that I trusted you. I believed you. Yet you fooled me.

I hope it worth it.

I hope it was so worth it.

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