My life's a mess

August 17, 2014

Final presentation of the semester down last Friday. This semester is supposedly the toughest one if my three years in Mass Communication and somehow, I managed to get through it. I am now left with one submissions and two exams. I should be feeling relieved and happy right?


My life's in a fucking mess and I don't know how to pick things up. I don't know how to get out of this cycle, I don't know how do I say no, I don't know when can I ever get over this. I say I'm so done but I walk right back every time. I want to let things go but it's so hard. It's breaking me everyday.

To act like nothing ever happened, to act like I'm contented with my life, to put up a strong front, to find excuses for your actions, to try my best despite the odds being stacked against me.

My heart beats fast when I think about it. Truth is, I have way too many decisions waiting to be made and I can't make them. How do I know what's the right decision? How do I know what's best for me? I'm so tired of trial and error, tired of not knowing. I just want a definite answer, just for once.

My mind's a mess.
I'm a mess.

Someone please talk to me.

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