Alive Museum @ Singapore

August 10, 2014

When Alive Museum first hit the shores of our sunny island, I was so excited!!! I've seen my friends post pictures of their visit to Alive Museum during their trips to Korea and I've always loved looking at their pictures and guessing where are the tricks! Better than that, this time I got to experience the real thing! :O When I first learned that I have the opportunity to visit Alive Museum, I jumped at the opportunity hehe.

I brought Chelsea along after we ended our school commitments and I'm glad I had her with me because she's usually the one taking all my ootd(s) and she knows what kind of photos I want. I had many great shots that day so I'd say company is really important! 

Basically, Alive Museum uses special 3D painting techniques to create realistic paintings that tricks the eyes so that visitors can enjoy the art pieces like never before. What makes Alive Museum in Singapore special is that they have nine locally themed masterpieces that are unique in Singapore!

Not only that, Alive Museum works hard at making every visit enchanting and unique so they change about 30% of the paintings every 12-18 months. This means that you can visit the museum every year and you'll get a new experience every time! They also have special exhibits displayed during special occasion like Christmas and Chinese New Year. If this is not dedication, I don't know what is. :O

Now that I'm done with the introduction, let me take you through a magical journey *hahhahaah so cliché* *cringes so hard I faint* 

What I love about Alive Museum is that they have a display at the side showing us how should we pose with the exhibits to get the best looking photos and there are also markers to tell you where should your photographer be standing.

I got a leg cramp that lasted at least 10 minutes immediately after doing this pose fml. Can you believe how unhealthy I actually am?!?!?! Wtf.

This exhibit scared the shit out of me at first because they instructed me to lean forward to take the photo and when I did, a gush of air blew at me to create the swimming forward effect.

But I used it for the wrong reason. *flips hair*


A fail shot is bound to come with every jump shot. Lolol.

Fail shot but you can see that I was obviously having lots of fun!

When I showed the set of photos to my boyfriend, he looked at this photo for really long and asked if the teeth are in 3D! That's how authentic looking the paintings are and I'm so impressed by them O.O

I love how this was interactive and we got to write our "last wishes" on the chalkboard! I swear there's no words to describe the amount of effort put into this museum is. 

Ehh, no prizes for guessing which is mine wtf.

So after going through the museum, what's my verdict?

IT'S AWESOME!!! It's every bit as amazing and magical as I expected it to be and I enjoyed myself so much. The pictures were relatively easy to take with the guides around and there were a few part-timers around to help us take photos or to guide us if needed.

What I'm showing here is only a fraction of what they have so you really have to head down and experience it yourself!

But do take note that:

1) It's gonna take you quite long to finish exploring the whole museum so don't reach there too late! I reached at around 8:30pm because I had prior school commitments and I was the last customer to leave at 10pm :X We had to rush through most of the exhibits at the back and the nicer exhibits are the ones behind so we didn't get to take a lot of photos with them :-(

2) Unlike some reviews I read online, it wasn't exactly VERY crowded there but we do have a couple of people walking into our pictures every now and then. Other then that, it was relatively empty and we had the freedom of making stupid faces wtf.

Then again, make stupid faces even if it's crowded anyway because everyone's there to have fun and nobody's gonna judge you for doing the same thing as them! After all, we are there to have fun and get great pictures right? ^~^

3) It is advisable to wear shorts instead of skirts because there's gonna be lots of jumping, laying around and climbing!

4) It took me quite long to find Alive Museum because I'm not familiar with the Suntec City area but if you are, it is easily located!


Alive Museum is conviently located at:
Suntec City Mall
(Between Towers 3 and 4)
Tickets cost only $25 for adults and $20 for children aged 3 - 12 years old.
Not only that, like Alive Museum on Facebook and get a free meal at Burger King Suntec with a purchase of a full priced-ticket!

Alternatively, you can skip the queue when you purchase your tickets online here!
Remember to quote 'aliveopen' when you are checking out to receive 20% off ~

The museum operates from 10am to 10pm daily (last admission at 9pm) but as mentioned, you should go earlier to avoid being disappointed by the lack of time as the museum is rather big and one hour is definitely not enough for you to finish exploring the place!

Special thanks to Alive Museum for the tickets! :-)

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