Steam-Potting With The Ocean Pot (Food Review)

November 24, 2016

Steam-potting in The Ocean Pot, Singapore

Craving for a steamboat session with your best buddies during Singapore's rainy season in December? forget everything you know about steamboat because steam-pot is the latest trend! Originating from Hong Kong, steam-potting is a special twist to the traditional steamboat where raw rice and ingredients are added to the bottom of your pot at the beginning of your meal, leaving the blend to brew into a porridge while you continue with the rest of your meal. The juices from your later ingredients will drip into the pot, creating natural flavourings for your porridge.

First step of steam-potting: pouring ingredients into bottom of the pot

The base of your porridge for steam-potting

Where can you find steam-potting in Singapore?

The Ocean Pot, seafood steam-pot restaurant located at Serangoon

Entrance to The Ocean Pot

Priced reasonably from SGD $25+ onwards, The Ocean Pot rides on the trend of steam-potting and is located conveniently within the vicinity of Chomp Chomp Food Centre.

Photo by Hongjie Lee, commissioned by The Ocean Pot

Photo by Hongjie Lee, commissioned by The Ocean Pot

Photo by Hongjie Lee, commissioned by The Ocean Pot

A cosy atmosphere greeted me as I walked in The Ocean Pot; the restaurant was spacious with a choice of round desk (perfect for family gatherings) or booth seats (popular with teenagers and young adults) for added privacy.

Menu and pricing for The Ocean Pot

The Ocean Pot offers seafood steam-potting at a pocket-friendly price suitable even for teenagers and young adults on a budget!

Bird nest served by The Ocean Pot

After adding the ingredients for Five Grain Fragrant Porridge, while waiting for the steam-pot to heat up, The Ocean Pot pampered us with their Superior Bird's Nest Soup and appetisers like fried salmon skin.

Variety of seafood prepared for us by The Ocean Pot

Appetisers and mains prepared for steam-potting

Of course, the mains would be the stars of the show — seafood! The Ocean Pot only serves seafood of the freshest quality, ensuring that you have a superb dining experience with them.

Steam-potting at The Ocean Pot

As seen from this photo, the holes on the pot's cover allow the seafood juices to drip down to your porridge that serves as a perfect ending to your steam-potting experience with The Ocean Pot.

Sauces to go with our seafood (photo by Hongjie Lee, commissioned by The Ocean Pot)

Stream from the steam-pot makes great Boomerang opportunity!

The portions were generous and The Ocean Pot was more than happy to assist us in preparing our meals.

Adding lobsters into the porridge stew

While waiting for the porridge to absorb the lobster's essence, we made our way for the Handmade Trio Meatball Platter.

Handmade trio meatball platter

The meatballs were made of (from right to left) pork, chicken and... cuttlefish?! Indeed, the black balls pictured made of cuttlefish were springy and unique.

Served along with sides like Portabella and Enoki mushroom, pumpkin and yam slices, the handmade trio meatball platter itself was enough to fill our tummies so it's recommended that you drag a few friends along for this extremely affordable seafood feast.

Revealing the lobster porridge

It's time for the finale, the grand reveal of the lobster porridge that has been cooking throughout our entire meal.

By now the soup has been drenched with juices of every seafood we previously eaten, providing a rich taste yet natural flavoruring to the soup base for our porridge.

Although a seafood restaurant, The Ocean Pot serves chicken as well. Their Kampong Chicken with Cordycep Flower is available on Set Menu A and B.

For desserts, we had The Ocean Pot's Osmanthus Jelly. Commonly served at Chinese restaurants, Osmanthus Jelly is a refreshing and healthy dessert made with Osmanthus flower tea.

Photo by Hongjie Lee, commissioned by The Ocean Pot

The Ocean Pot is a great place for you to hangout with your friends over a simple lunch or dinner if you're looking for affordable seafood restaurants in Singapore. It's difficult to find a restaurant in Singapore that starts their set meals at only $25+ (with no GST!).

Thank you for having us, The Ocean Pot!

One of The Ocean Pot's many opening promotions

Make reservations at The Ocean Pot now to enjoy their various opening promotions:

  1. Ladies Night special — From 1 December 2016, ladies get 30% off every Thursday and gentlemen are entitled to their in-house 10% promo for The Ocean Pot's selected set menus.
  2. From 11am to 3pm, patrons can enjoy The Ocean Pot's $25 per pax set meal, available daily inclusive of weekends and public holidays.
  3. 10% off + free drinks per pax for selected set menus when you like The Ocean Pot's Facebook page.

The Ocean Pot (Facebook)
87 Serangoon Garden Way
TEL: 6282 3996


This post was brought to you by The Ocean Pot.

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