US elections & North Korean Refugees seeking resettlement in US

November 09, 2016

8 years ago, the world saw Obama, America's first black president. Today, the unthinkable happened, bringing our society one step back: America voted for Trump, a man endorsed by KKK.

Trump suffered numerous scandals before his term even began, made derogatory remarks towards and about women, and he based his ENTIRE presidential campaign on ridiculous statements without an ounce of truth. The world called him a joke and laughed at him but at the end of the day, the choice is clear.

America would rather elect a homophobic, racist, sexist and disrespectful man with aggressive intentions and no political background — someone who instilled fear in citizens as president — than to trust a woman. To know that America is more sexist than it is racist, as if it isn't already racist enough, is disheartening.

It saddens me to know that even in the 21st century, women still get discredited for our gender. If a nation can exhibit such blatant sexism at a national level, can you imagine what we go through everyday just to prove our abilities? Feminism isn't about treating women right, it's advocating for women's rights, it's fighting for women to be treated EQUALLY because gender DOESN'T determine capability.

Brutal as it sounds, my life goes on as per normal tomorrow and I'll forget this disappointing election results in a few days, largely because I'm located so far away that the elections doesn't directly impact me but I fear for the minorities in America.

It's not just women who lost today; it's the underprivileged, the poor, "coloured" citizens, LGBT, all minorities who aren't white and rich males. Not to mention, the refugees, especially the North Korean refugees I supported, seeking resettlement in the States — I cringe to think what this election means for them.

11/9 is a depressing day for mankind. America, you made your choice and I have to accept it, but that doesn't mean I won't fight against it. I always believed that sunrises represents a new beginning, an opportunity to correct any previous wrongs. Tonight, I'm choosing to make a difference with more than just lip service.

I made a donation to Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), a non-profit organisation that helps North Korean refugees resettle in South Korea or America. You can read more about LiNK here or visit their website to know how LiNK helps North Koreans escape from North Korea and seek resettlement.

We're lucky enough to hold a pink IC, with a safe place like Singapore we can call home, but some citizens of the world aren't as lucky as us. With a xenophobic president like Trump, LiNK needs all the help they can get to aid the North Koreans resettle in America. I made my donation but me alone cannot change the world. This is how you can help — even a dollar from each of you will help the North Koreans resettle and live the life they deserve. Please make a small donation instead if you're intending to get me a gift for my 21st birthday. Thank you :)

(Edited 10 November 2016)

LiNK has reached out to me and I've updated the link for the fundraising campaign. Here's also a short video so you know who you're helping and what we're campaigning for:

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