Weekend Getaway — Road Trip From Singapore to Genting (Video)

November 03, 2016

More than three years since my last visit to Genting Highlands, I was there again a few weeks back. It's funny because the previous time I was there, I just went through a break up with my first serious boyfriend and I was looking for an escape. Somewhere I wouldn't be reminded of him. Some place we don't have a single shared memory because we were together for so long that we left our footprints in almost every part of Singapore.

This time, I travelled to Genting for an escape again. To run away from reality. To forget my troubles back home. Funny how I always choose the easy way out even after three years — to put everything down and just run, only to realise when I'm back home that my troubles catch up quickly.

Ironically, similar to my last travel to Genting, this was an impromptu travel as well.


  • Confirmed details within a week
  • Collected passport from ICAS one week prior to travelling
  • Booked accommodation and coach tickets a few days before


  • Confirmed travel plans within a day
  • Collected my passport two days before I left
  • Didn't know where I'd be staying or who I'd be travelling with till the actual day

Yeah, not getting any wiser when it comes to travelling. The day before I left, my colleague was even screaming at me, "Oh my god, do you know what you're doing? Do you want to get killed?!" In fact, I was surprised my usually-strict mom allowed me to travel considering our conversation went like,

Mom: "Who are you going with?"
Me: "Um, this friend I met at an event. Only met her thrice though."
Mom: "Ok... Who's driving?"
Me: "Her friend."
Mom: "You know her friend?"
Me: "Nope."
Mom: "You wanna go?"
Me: "Yup."
Mom: "Ok, when are you collecting your passport?"

That was easy. Hahaha. The older I get, the more reckless I am with travelling, it seems. But the truth remains that I'll do anything to get away from Singapore and as every of my impromptu plan, everything went better than expected.

A summary of what went down during our weekend getaway to Genting while I try to find time to pen things down:

It's strange to look back at my post seeing how much I've changed. If you dig a little deeper into my YouTube, you'll find my travelogues from the previous time I was in Genting — those clips are painfully difficult to look at because my filming and editorial style has changed so much since then!

From poly freshman to working adult. Someone who swore she'll stay away from liquor to having a glass of red wine as I'm typing this post. A timid girl to someone outspoken. A difficult travel companion to being spontaneous and okay with anything. Really surreal.

To be honest, I surprised myself by how on I was about travelling with stranger too. I wrote a lot about the panic attacks I used to get just thinking about socialising circa 2013 – 2015; to think I actually spent 3D2N with complete strangers! Maybe it doesn't mean much to anyone else but I'm pretty proud of myself for taking this huge leap and overcoming anxiety instead of letting it overwhelm me.

Life is indeed getting better :)

(Genting Prelude / Day 1 / Day 2 and 3

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