Genting Weekend Getaway Day 1: Road Trip

January 11, 2017

Esme and I had always planned to go on holidays together but those plans never came to fruition due to the different commitments we had. One day, she randomly texted me to ask if I'd like to go Genting together because her friend has a couple of free rooms and will be driving us up so essentially we'll be paying only for our own shopping. Obviously, I leaped at the chance because I've been feeling the need to escape from Singapore but couldn't due to budget constrains.

We were hardly in contact the month leading to our weekend getaway because I was busy with catching up with work right after my LASIK surgery and Esme was busy with school as well. We only had a few texts back and forth counting down to the day of our getaway, and she gave me a brief introduction of her friend who would be bringing us there but I changed my phone somewhere in between, losing our whole conversation so I couldn't remember what she said anyway fhl.

In fact, I didn't even know her friend's name till she started a group chat and I didn't save his number till I had to call him to ask which of my house's carpark is he at what the heck hahaha.

We spent majority of the first day driving from Singapore to Genting; Brandon and Joshua were the only ones with licenses so they drove while Esme and I took naps, occasionally waking up when we pass by pit stops for lunch or toilet breaks.

We stopped along Johor Bahru for the guys to have their smoke breaks. We got some snacks and I satisfied my Magnum craving! White chocolate almond Magnum Y U NO AVAILABLE IN SINGAPORE?! We also got our SIM cards at 7-11 (yay, Internet connection!) too, so I managed to finish up some work on our way up.

The drive took a total of about 7 hours but we were lucky because we didn't experience any major traffic jams and the weather was great for driving. Nearing Genting, Brandon wound down the windows and we enjoyed the cool breeze brushing against our faces and running through our hair. God, I needed that escape from Singapore's sweltering heat!

We reached Genting at about 7pm, quickly checked in to the new XYZ deluxe room (would you believe that I didn't even know which hotel we'd be staying at till I reached Genting) at First World Hotel, washed up then met at First World Plaza for dinner.

We had Kenny Rogers Roasters — funnily, that was one of my last meals before I left Genting the previous time I was here. Dinner was a typical affair, with us getting to know one another better since it was most of our first times meeting each other.

We also surprised Brandon with a cake because it was his birthday. Quite surreal to be planning a surprise overseas for someone I literally just met 7-8 hours ago O.O

We split ways after dinner with Esme and me shopping (yas @ the SGD and RM exchange rate) and the guys going to the casino. Shortly after, Esme and me returned to our rooms where she crashed almost immediately and I stayed up finishing some work.

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