Genting Weekend Getaway Day 2 & 3: Strawberry Farm, Bowling, Karaoke, Drive Down

January 14, 2017

Esme and I woke up for breakfast while the guys were still sleeping after their late night at the casinos. We then shopped for a while before meeting up with the guys who decided to drive us down to Genting Strawberry Farm.

 Genting Strawberry Farm, where the highlights were flowers, ironically.

Wa, almost forgot how blue my hair was

Laughing because Brandon insisted on taking photos from such a low angle


We also entered a earthquake and tsunami simulator at Genting Strawberry Farm. The room just vibrated as we were shown footage of earthquakes around the world, then we had to run through dripping water, which was to simulate a tsunami... Whaaat? O.O

Went back up to Genting after a while because there honestly isn't much to do at Genting Strawberry Farm other than looking at flowers, and I'm obviously not someone who appreciates flowers.

Attempts at flat lay

We played at the arcade a while before heading to Bubbles & Bites for a late lunch because Brandon and Joshua kept raving about their Braised Lamb Shank that has been cooked for 8 hours. O.O Sorry I cannot appreciate such atas food hahaha. Esme and I shared a plate of spaghetti with a cheesecake that was soooo dense!

The second night was more eventful from the first after we recovered from sitting in the car all day. We went bowling and Brandon's friends joined us, then Esme returned to the room because she got tired, and the guys sneaked me into a casino after rounds and rounds of failure. No surprise though, because no part of me looks like I'm 21 T_T

We went karaoke after that and obviously, drank. A lot O.O Because it was Brandon's birthday, and every birthday is an excuse to drink! Okay, no photos or too much info about that night because I think a lot of them are private people, but a here's summary of what went down throughout the 3D2N we were in Genting!

Doing a road trip with the right people really makes a difference, especially since you'll be listening to music essentially 80% of the time. I was lucky these people I just met loved Chinese songs as much as me so we spammed lots of Chinese songs the entire time we travelled! Super glad I travelled to Genting with them even though I knew almost nobody initially :)

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