Gold Coast 6D5N Travel Itinerary (without driving) — February 2016

January 06, 2017

Is it possible to travel to Australia without a car? Yes, definitely. To fully immerse in the spirit of road tripping in Australia, a car is always recommended, however, if you're a noob who can't drive, here's what I did during my 6D5N travel to Gold Coast.

Note: I'm just sharing what I did during my week in Gold Coast, but this is NOT my ideal itinerary. If it was entirely up to me, I'd have packed my itinerary with activities instead of returning so early each day, but to each his own. (Make sure you travel with someone who shares the same ideal itinerary as you or your holidays might pretty much be ruined by tons of disagreements.)

Gold Coast Day 0

09:00pm — Checked in
10:25pm — Take off

Gold Coast Day 1
(+2 hours due to time difference)

08:00am — Landed early
10:30am — Reached our Airbnb apartment at Robina Town Centre
01:00am — Left for White Waterworld via bus and train
02:20pm — Reached White Waterworld
05:40pm — Left White Waterworld
06:40pm — Reach Robina Town Centre (most places were already closed and we had to get our dinner at a nearby 24 hours McDonald's)

Gold Coast Day 2

09:30am — Left Airbnb apartment
10:15am — Reached Robina Town Centre for some shopping
01:15am — Left for Dreamworld via bus and train
02:30pm — Reached Dreamworld
04:40pm — Left Dreamworld
06:15pm — Reached Airbnb apartment

Gold Coast Day 3

~9:00am — Left for Warner Bros. Movie World (Airbnb host drove us there)
09:40am — Reached Warner Bros. Movie World
03:30pm — Left Warner Bros. Movie World
06:10pm — Reached Airbnb apartment

Gold Coast Day 4

09:30am — Left for Habour Town via bus
~10:30am — Reached Habour Town
01:15pm — Lunch
03:00pm — Left Habour Town
~4:00pm — Reached Robina Town Centre for more shopping
06:05pm — Reached Airbnb Apartment

Gold Coast Day 5

09:00am — Left for Skypoint via bus and train
10:00am — Reached Skypoint
11:00am — Left Skypoint
10:30am — Shopping at Surfers Paradise Centre & Cavill Avenue
12:15pm — Surfers Paradise
12:50pm — Lunch
~1:30pm — Left Surfers Paradise
~2:45pm — Reached Robina Town Centre for more shopping
05:00pm — Reached Airbnb Apartment

Gold Coast Day 6

~6:30am — Left for airport (Airbnb host drove us there)
07:30am — Checked in
09:25am — Take off
03:20pm — Reached Singapore (in Singapore time)

Don't let anyone tell you you won't be able to shop much / buy anything from Australia because I almost went bankrupt there!

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