Violet x Blue Galaxy Dip Dye Hair — 99 Percent Hair Studio Review

March 23, 2017

There were three things I wanted to fix at 99 Percent Hair Studio: my overgrown looks, my bad haircut (please don't ever trust your precious mane to a neighbourhood salon!) and a switch in my hair colour.

I was bored of my blue hair so I told Nicole, my hairstylist, that I'll trust her to do whatever she likes to my hair since my job allows crazy hair colours and I don't have any particular colour in mind. The end results? I've been getting so many praises for my new galaxy dip dye hair and even had strangers tapping me to ask where I dyed my hair!

Flat, limp, over-layered hair with terrible black roots

My roots were obviously overgrown because I was afraid of bleaching my hair again after a previous bad experience at a neighbourhood salon where the apathetic hairstylist simply slapped the chemicals on my scalp, OUCH. But I decided to let Nicole bleach my hair because I knew I could trust 99 Percent Hair Studio.

Tea and snacks provided by 99 Percent Hair Studio

The hairstylists at 99 Percent Hair Studio were extremely observant, refilling my tea whenever I finish them, and providing me with little snacks knowing that I've been there the entire day. They also frequently checked if I was hungry or needed any takeaway.

99 Percent Hair Studio even provides phone chargers in case your battery runs out!

To top things off, 99 Percent Hair Studio provides not just power sockets, but also phone chargers in case your phone battery runs out after spending a day at the salon.

Olaplex hair treatment

We got right down to bleaching and Nicole explained to me that 99 Percent Hair Studio uses Olaplex, a type of treatment formulated to strengthen bleached hair.

I've been bleaching and dyeing my hair since the day I graduated from secondary school (I bleached my hair literally one day after my final O Level papers!), and my friends are always very surprised by how well maintained and smooth my hair still is after the rounds of torture I put it through. My secret? A salon who knows what it is doing.

Even after two rounds of bleaching at 99 Percent Hair Studio (my fourth time in a year), my hair remained healthy — in fact, my hair was even softer than it was pre-bleaching — due to the Olaplex treatment.

I bleached my hair twice to get rid of the stubborn blue ends, and Nicole from 99 Percent Hair Studio was extremely gentle when bleaching my hair and the bleach didn't irritate my scalp one bit! In fact, I was so comfortable and relaxed that I kept dozing off, especially when Nicole was washing my hair and massaging my scalp :x

Shiny, healthy hair even after rounds of bleaching

Nicole then dyed a shade of violet over my bleached hair and maintain my blue ends since the colour was extremely stubborn and wouldn't budge even after two rounds of bleaching. The bleach, however, did turn my blue ends a little lighter and Nicole and I both agreed looked beautiful against my purple hair.

Thank you for the gorgeous galaxy hair, Nicole and 99 Percent Hair Studio!

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