After everything I must confess , I need you .

November 11, 2010

7.32am : That text message you sent , it tore me apart . I learned from the past , not everything lasts , I understand that now . Everything changed when you walked away .
12:47pm : What do you gain in return by doing all these ? Are you seeking revenge ? Do you want to boast about how your life is so much better without me ? Why are you still talking to me ?

2:52pm : Every word you said to her , I wished I was once in the position she's in now . I would never leave ; I would cherish us .

6:22pm : Maybe I'll survive somehow though I have regrets , maybe I'll learn to forget and just keep moving on . Cause I know , when love is gone you have to be strong yet once touched by pain you're not the same but time can heal your heart again . So I'll let the clouds that bring me down just fade away ...

8:48pm : So I try to smile but after a while but the memories come back . And this time I learned that love can burn . There's no right or wrong , I've got to be strong .

Class Chalet was AWESOME :D
Bbq with Mrzhuo , Mrseah , Weixuan , Belinda , Haslam , Vanessa , Siwen , Jon , Vernon , Tsunhei , Qixiang , Jerald , Dion , Bryan , Raymond , Tzeliang , Riyan , Sundram , and I think a few more people whom I can't remember right now ! Talked crap and camwhore . Watched midnight movie with Vanessa , Siwen , Jon , Vernon , Tsunhei , Qixiang , Jerald , Dion , Bryan and Raymond . Tonning failed but we had lots of fun although the guys were supaaaar noisy :x . And thankyou to Jonngweekiat and Dionangtoonyong for their blankets , if not I would have frozen to death , hehehe .

Some pictures taken during class chalet :D

When someone is some kinda normal friend to you , whatever they do , you can't really be bothered . But things change gradually once that person gets closer to you . Your mind would turn competitive . Jealousy would occur more often . Well , it proves that human beings are selfish . But if your friend feels that way towards you , that isn't a good friend . Because good pals would never try to harm you no matter how jealous they get .

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