There's a difference between promises and memories . We break promises while memories break us .

November 22, 2010

Easy come , easy go . That's just how you live , oh . Take , take , take it all , but you never give . Should've known you was trouble from the first kiss .

I'm so not feeling okay right now ._. . First , I didn't get the subjects I want . Then , I woke up to find everything's just a lie . Still so not over him . After which , my guitar strings have some serious problems , even after I restring them . Lastly , I don't have enough money to buy Justin Bieber's new album , My Worlds Acoustic , which is out today . It's just the starting of the day , yet I'm feeling as if I can't go on anymore :( .
There's a point in my life which , I met this someone whom I sacrificed everything for , fought hard for , loved and cared for , gave in my all . Yet , there was one thing which I forgotten to do , which was to ask him if he wanted me to .

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