Boo, blue hue. // La Riche Neon Blue

September 12, 2013

Last month, I randomly decided to dye my hair blue after my green hair has faded. I'm not really excited to blog about it as it turned out a lot darker than expected and I didn't really like it a lot since it kinda looked like black indoors.

I didn't bother to take too many photos of it either since it was just a temporary colour before I bleach my hair blonde. The dye I used was Neon Blue from La Riché Directions, which is the same brand of hair dye I used to dye my hair green. I would say that blue is a more lasting colour than green because it didn't fade as much even after two weeks.

The colours did come out kind of uneven after a few washes though, but I guess I can blame it on my amateur dyeing skills. But if you're thinking of dyeing your hair a lighter colour in the next few months, please don't dye a colour like dark blue because it is really hard to bleach it off!

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