To love is to be stupid.

September 21, 2013

A few days ago, I came across a quote that I liked so much, I made a wallpaper with it so that I will be reminded everyday. Coincidentally, this quote is by my all-time favourite author, C.S. Lewis.

To me, love is just like an investment, a very dangerous one. Every tiny bit of you is at stake and love doesn't take anything less than everything. Love means opening your heart to pain and sorrow. 

When you allow yourself to fall in love, you are giving someone the perfect opportunity to hurt you, yet you trust that he won't. But the truth is that people hurt people.
You allow him to control your feelings so much that when he's happy, you're happy too. But when he feels dejected, you are twice as as upset. 
You give him your time, which is a portion of your life that you will never get back. 
You give him your all, and you can only hope that you trusted the right person. 
You put your trust in him in the form of giving them the most precious thing you have - your heart. 
You give him a part of yourself that you never give to anyone else, you let him so far in that they can easily damage you or give you everything, and you still think it's worth the risk.

To put it simply, to love is to be stupid.

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