February 26, 2014

Now that I'm 18, the inevitable question asked during every single gathering is

"Why don't you go drinking/clubbing?"

My answer for this has always been "No time la." But let me elaborate on that.

1. Really no time
With assignments pouring in every single week, I find it hard to even //breathe// sleep sometimes. True story. Because I want to keep my weekends free to spend with my boy, I tend to rush my work during the weekdays, specifically after school. At the same time, don't want to compromise the quality of the work I submit, so sometimes I work overnight to complete my work. Then my weekends will be spent with my boy. So where got time to go drinking/clubbing you tell me? I don't want to deal with hangovers and wasting a day in not doing my work wtf *nerd*

2. Need my sleep / too tired
My friends do try to ask me once in a while, especially on Saturday nights since my boy will usually be out with his friends anyway. In spite of this, I have always rejected them. Why would I reject them if my weekends are already free? Because I'm too damn tired. Since my boyfriend is mostly out with his friends at night, we meet in the early afternoon. Which means I have to wake up early. Which means I haven't paid my sleeping debts even though it's a weekend. By the time I reach home I'm just like "oh my god, fuck this shit, I am finally home." Then I'll go pay my sleeping debts wtf.

3. All my friends have not reached the legal age. 
I do have friends older than me, or friends who have already passed their birthdays. But these are friends I am not so close to. I am very choosy of the people that I get close to so my social circle is rather small. I have never drank or clubbed before in my entire life so if I do want to go drinking/clubbing, of course I'll choose to go with that small amount of people I'm really close to and trust. And that group of people are mostly underage lolol.

3. Make up / dressing
What exactly do you wear to a club?! I don't have the slightest idea of what is acceptable at a club. I suppose if I do want to go clubbing, I can do some research on that. And I do have to take off my spectacles right? I mean dorks don't go to clubs, do they? But I can't wear contact lenses! So should I risk losing my way, or should I just look nerdy?

Therefore, turning 18 wasn't as adventurous as I thought it would be.

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