Ultimate throwback.

February 19, 2014

I was randomly browsing through my Facebook last night and I chanced upon an album that brought back so much memories. Then I scrolled through the various albums I had for the past few years and every one of them brought back a special memory for me. I guess you guys won't be interested in the all the young punks / ah lian stories I have but still, I hope to write down all these precious memories before they fade away as I get older.

My secondary 1 life wasn't all that interesting, and I didn't have much friends because it took me a long time to adapt to secondary school life. But I had the best three years after that and I never regretted choosing Greendale as my first choice. Although I do regret several decisions I made regarding friendships (I was and still am not good at handling friendships). I do wish to go back and amend my mistakes but you know what they say - once the moment's gone, it's lost forever.

But I never regret knowing these people who played a big role in my life at a point, and helped to shape my life in one way or another. Thank you, and I do miss you even if I am silent about it.

We would go anywhere and everywhere after school in our uniform.

I wasn't kidding when I said we went everywhere in our school uniform. This was when we skipped supplementary lessons to visit the Alive Gallery and I pissed Mona Lisa off HAHA. I'm pretty sure I blogged about it. Hold on. Ahhh, here it is. And for the life of me, I cannot understand why was tucking out the cool thing?!?!?!?! Look at me, I look like a pregnant lady!!! Why didn't anyone tell me I was far off from being "cool"? T-T

Anywhere we go is a photo opportunity.

Even on the LRT platform. Yes, anywhere.

And we made the stupidest pose.

We hung out at Punggol Plaza after school and tried to escape teachers who would patrol Punggol Plaza to catch the students who are "loitering". And we take photos with that light-lipped ah lian smile wtf. 4 years on and I never managed to master the smile-without-teeth kind of smile fml.

With all the teachers patrolling, Koufu is the safest place for us to hang out. "We're still eating!" we would protest whenever a teacher tried to chase us home.

Side tracking a little, these are the two girls I used to be closest to despite not being from the same batch. But well, things happened and I fucked things up eventually so........

We did the lamest things after school just because. This photo is significant because I lost my phone on that day and I was trying to get through my phone wtf. As expected, I lost my phone for good but thank God the phone was just a lousy Sony Ericsson phone with a crack on the screen anyway. To the person who stole my phone, joke's on you HAHA.

Wearing the class tee was a priviledge and everyone would get so excited over it because well, everyone hates their school uniforms.

Not tying your hair to school was apparently photo-worthy too wtf. Also I remember this photo clearly because it was the first time I got suspended from school wtf #badass.

I always thought I did not bad for art, although I seem to have lost all my artistic skills by now.

And, uhhh, this is my first boyfriend lolol. When I first posted our photo on Facebook, a huge number of people commented things like "last long!" It's what people used to always say whenever a couple got together - I'm not quite sure if they still use that phrase now... But we certainly didn't last long HAHAHA wtf. We broke up after 3 months due to our immaturity (oh, the irony).

Having dark brown hair and using pink hair band is considered #badass. I miss my healthy hair though. My hair is longer as smooth as it used to be after countless bleaching T-T

Not the best photo plus it's so blurry but this was us getting all excited about the Secondary 3 overseas camp!

 Mandatory class photo. Significant because it's not your everyday class photo - like hello, we are in a cave! And also because here I am, being a badass again and not tying up my hair.

This photo has a funny story behind it. While we were hiking down the mountain, I slipped and fell on my ass at this spot. I laughed so hard at my stupidity I almost peed in my pants (which was already dirty since I fell on my ass) wtf wtf. I told my camp instructor the story of how I slipped and fell; while demostrating, I fell again!!! Fml. My instructor laughed so hard at me. Then, he slipped fell on his ass on the same spot too HAHAHA wtf. Serves him right lololol.

 We used to be soooo obsessed with Photobooth because the quality is good for a webcam. But now that I have Photobooth on my Macbook, I'm just like psssshh.

 Who gives a fuck about getting STOMPed when you're having fun wtf.

Learning journeys used to be the best shit ever because YAY no lessons!!! And nobody cared about the reflection at the end of the learning journey. We just went, took photos, and forgot about the trip altogether wtf.

 The only tattoos we had.

Getting chased out of class together because we forgot our D&T apron wtf. I actually had my apron in my bag with me that day but because all my friends forgot, I decided to sit outside the D&T studio with them wtf. There is no I in a team ok hahahaha wtf.

 Going to the sickbay to avoid lessons or going to the toilet to camwhore was a norm.

 So was camwhoring in the toilet at ungodly hours before school starts.

Or camwhoring outside your classroom when you got punished wtf.

The decorating of our classrooms at every start of the year.

 And being so proud of it, we used it as a backdrop to camwhore.

And camwhore even more. Yes, I was one of those girls who refused to pay for the alteration of my skirt and decided to fold it instead lol.

 Then again, camwhoring can be done anywhere.

 Anywhere. Anywhere at all. And we got drunk by studying too much, not drinking too much.

Uhh, sidetracking again, if you realised halfway through my secondary school life, I stopped being close to the friends I used to be with. That's because I fucked things up again wtf. But things are cool between us now. And even though we aren't as close as we used to be, I'm still thankful for whatever we have.

Annual camps Greendale organised. Our class bonded a lot through this camp and even though we didn't win anything, I was so proud of my class.

 When we learned the meaning of one for all and all for one.

It was through my Secondary 4 camp that I learned one of the life values I still hold close to my heart now. That I can't control what life throws at me, but I can control my response.

Annual Racial Harmony Day celebrations when we were encouraged to wear ethnic costumes.

And we won the first prize because 100% of our classmates are dressed in ethnic costumes! But we cheated because I was a bad chairperson and I told those who didn't wish to wear ethnic costumes to be absent for class HAHA. So this was what was left of my class on that day. Also significant because we had O Level Mother Tongue Listening Competition after this wtf.

 National Day celebrations when we all sang Home loudly.

But all good things come to an end eventually.

I once read an article online that says we lose many of our high school friends after we graduate because when we fought in secondary school, we were forced into reconciliation to avoid highly awkward situations. But there is no such need anymore after we graduate. And before long, a couple of years would have passed and it would have been too late to make amendments and restarting the friendship just doesn't feel right. Besides, we no longer see each other that often so when misunderstandings arises, we are no longer that motivated to make things right again. I'm not sure how true this is for you guys, but it's definitely like that in my situation.

But what I want to say is that, cherish your secondary school lives, for they will be the best 4/5 years of your lives. And don't be afraid to make mistakes because that's the only way you'll truly learn. If you don't make mistakes now, then when?

P.S. Any negative remarks made on my ask.fm regarding this post will be ignored.

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