You don't intentionally hurt the people you love.

February 28, 2014

Had a talk with one of my closest friends recently and she revealed something so appalling and struck me hard. It brought me back to a place where I used to be, where I couldn't see what someone was doing to me. I am glad I got out of it and my life is pretty much perfect now. But I see the old me in her. It's revolting - how you'd neglect someone who loves you so dearly for reasons I cannot fathom.

You are a compulsive liar. You betrayed the trust of these people again and again. Don't you feel guilty? I hope you see what you are doing to them, because the world is round; what goes around comes around. One day you'll be the victim of someone else's deception - that's the only time you'll learn, isn't it? How many chances have they given to you, and how many of these chances did you take for granted?

She's afraid of losing you now, but are you aware that she won't be there forever? One day, she will walk out and see how beautiful the world can be, with or without you. That's when you'll lose her, that's when you will regret, but that's also when her heart is dead, that's when she will no longer be at your beck and call. What makes you think she will wait for you to stop building castles in the air her whole lifetime, while you damage her time and again? What are you doing while her heart's pounding from the misery deep inside her?

You don't deserve someone who thinks the world of you when you don't even consider her feelings. You don't lie to someone who gave you everything she could possibly give. You don't stop trying just because she's already yours. Love has no expiry date - you are the one who gave it an expiry date. You don't just give up when things get tough. You don't just walk away when she's still trying. You don't crush her just for your ego. No, you don't intentionally hurt the people you love.

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