We can learn to love again.

February 15, 2014

This post was written some time ago when we first got together. I wanted to publish this only when we are in a more stable stage of our relationship, but I kinda got busy with school work and all so I forgot about this post :x I decided to publish my post today instead of on Valentine's Day because today marks my boy's 6th month of serving the nations so I thought it was rather apt. I don't know how to begin so uh... If you're reading this, you can go figure out how long we've been together. Haha.

Us getting together wasn't like a "Will you be my girlfriend?" thing. Instead, it was more of like a mutual understanding that we were both together. Which is quite funny because I didn't thought of us as being together at first because he mentioned to me several times that he preferred to be single, so I thought he didn't want commitment.

I only learned that he thought we were when he sent me a long text before his field camp and the content was something along the lines of him asking me when was the exact date we got together and telling me that it doesn't matter what others think of us as long as we are happy together.

So this is the story of how we got together. Kinda.

The first time I saw him was during November 2012 when I just started my second week of working at Metro - he was still on internship so he was taking a break from working at Metro but he came to Metro to buy something. I guess you could say it was love at first sight. But I had a boyfriend back then so maybe it's eye-candy at first sight? Lololol. At that point, I was rather new at work and I had no idea he actually worked at Metro so I thought he was just some random customer that I will never see again *drama*. After his internship, he went back to Metro to work during the weekends and I still thought he was very very very adorable. I remember clearly that he smiled at me once (out of politeness) and it made my day because his smile was so captivating. It sounds so cheesy now that I'm talking about it, but at that time I really thought he looked perfect wtf.

After working together for a month, we finally got the chance to talk for a bit. So that's when we officially met - December 2012. I then jumped on the opportunity to get his number and we have been texting each other daily since then. Errr, yes, I shamelessly asked for his number because I thought he was cute wtf. I think I've used up my whole life's supply of courage though, so I will never pull that kind of stunt again lolol. He turned out to be quite intelligent and a good listener. He was different from the other guys I know... Maybe because he's older and, therefore, more matured. He was always there whenever I need a listening ear and always nagging at me because I'm a blur queen.

We went out several times but we were just friends, and nothing more. In fact, I even said that he's like my older brother wtf.

We eventually became closer friends and it's quite evident from our conversations that we got more comfortable with each other and knew each other better. We would meet more often and I think it was around this time that I started developing a crush on him. I'm rather straightforward and I hate hiding things so I dropped several hints to him. As time passes by, I dropped even more hints because my friends and I thought that he was just a stupid guy who didn't get any of my hints but he later revealed to me that he was just acting dumb -___- Anyway I thought it was just gonna be a passing crush since I never thought that we would ever get together. Especially since he has mentioned his girlfriend criteria to me several times and I never met any of them wtf. And also he was always telling me about this cute girl from his work place so I didn't think much of us.

Then the day I dreaded came - 15 August 2013, his enlistment date. Lesser texts were understandably exchanged between us after he enlisted but still, we texted daily. He would drop me a morning text at 5am and I would usually wake up just to chat with him a little before his training. He stayed up a little after his lights out at night to chat with me too.

We met on a weekly basis on when he booked out, and it was more than enough for me. I also sent him to Yew Tee for his book in frequently. I won't deny that it's super inconvenient for me because when I do so, I have to travel from Marine Parade to Punggol to Yew Tee then back to Marine Parade again. The journey was dreadful, but just to be able to hang out with him for another few hours was worth it all.

We have lots of fun during the weekends (window shopping, ice skating, watching movies) but I missed him so badly during the weekdays that I decided to stay over at his house for one night. My friends went completely berserk when I told them of my plans because everyone said that it's too early in our relationship to do so (heck, we weren't even together yet) but I stood firm with my decision, packed my bag, and headed to his house.

Ok lol no, it wasn't adventurous like that. We discussed about it on Monday and I only stayed over on Friday night. But still! It's the first time I slept over at a guy's place and my friends were hysterical.
"Don't rape him at night."

"Please leave a good impression and at least bathe once."

"HAVE YOU BOUGHT YOUR TOOTHBRUSH?!?!?!?! You better remember."
Yup, meet my friends. ಠ_ಠ

So anyway, I met him at his house on Friday night after he booked out and we watched half a movie with my laying on his lap before I noticed him dozing off yet he insisted that he wasn't tired because presumably, he wanted to accompany me a bit more since I don't sleep early. But yeah right, as if I would believe that he wasn't exhausted after a day of training -__- I lied to him that I was really worn out and I wanted to sleep (it was a white lie!!!).

We chatted for a while with me in his arms before he fell asleep and I was just staring into space - my phone was running out of battery and his phone was some distance away from his bed because he insisted that sleeping near your phone is unhealthy (some radiation shit) lolol.

I finally fell asleep some hours later only to be woken up by his snore wtf. I tried to wiggle my way out of his arms to get his phone without waking him up but the more I moved, the tighter he hugged me ಠ_ಠ He eventually got up to use the toilet and I desperately fumbled around in the darkness for his phone lolol. I ended up using his phone to talk to my friend/s till 7am when I fell asleep.

We got woken up at 9am by his alarm because we wanted to go for breakfast but we got lazy. I don't remember what we were doing at that time, probably just some cuddling and tickling each other. I do remember kissing his cheeks though (god knows where did I get my courage). And he kissed me back on my forehead and nose.

After we bathed, he made breakfast for me, and I volunteered to wash the dishes but he insisted that he'll do it and I stay in bed. We did nothing but cuddle in bed that day. I wanted to kiss his nose but that bugger moved his head up and kissed me on the lips instead. I hid my face in his chest because I got shy but everything just felt so right at that moment. I could lay in his arms all day and feel completely happy.

He held my hand and sent me to the bus stop at the end of the day. It was a little awkward considering it was the first time he held my hand but I didn't let go. And when my bus came, he pulled me in for a long hug and kissed me. So... I guess that's the story of how we got together. 

I don't deny that I had my doubts at first but he has proven to me that I have nothing to fear. I just know it's gonna be worth it all. :))

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