Turning 14.

March 08, 2014

Today is my brother's 14th birthday. It's nothing as significant as turning 16, 18, or 21 to most, but the year I turned 14 was one of the biggest years of my life.

I had my first boyfriend, went through my first heartbreak, skipped school and classes for the first time, had my clique separated, started lying compulsively to my parents, sank into a deep hole of depression, got bullied a lot, cried myself to sleep almost nightly, and I unknowingly met my primary school best friend for the last time. A little too much for a 14-year-old, eh? But that was exactly what happened.

One good thing that came out of all these was that I learnt lessons no teachers could have taught me. Those are the life lessons I wish I could pass on to my brother.

My brother has one of the nicest and kindest soul, and I wish there's a way to let him know that the world isn't fair, that he can't expect the lion to not eat him just because he doesn't eat the lion. I can teach him Mathematics, but I can't teach him to fall in love. I can teach him how to treat a girl right, but I can't guarantee that he won't be taken for granted. I can teach him how to handle a heartbreak but I can't prepare him for it.

You see, there are too many things he just has to learn through the hard way. Only then, will he truly grow up.

So, Eason, remember that not all great love has to last forever, and that don't put all your eggs into one basket because if that basket drops, all is lost. That is not to say that you don't have to try your best in everything - you do. But you should also know when to stop. I can't tell you when or how, because that's something you just have to learn yourself.

Know that just because someone doesn't see your effort doesn't mean that the whole world won't see it. And you don't have to spend your whole life trying to please other people because after some time, you'll realise that nobody's opinion of you should matter as much as your own.

I don't want to say too much because that will spoil the surprise of growing up. Just don't be afraid to fail, because that's the only way to learn. You're young, and the world is your oyster. Just don't shut your family out while you're having fun with your friends because we will always be here for you.

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