10 things girls secretly want from a guy.

March 10, 2014

These are 10 things I secretly love actually, but I believe I speak for most females when I say that these little things make the biggest impacts at the end of the day. So here are the 10 things that I think girls secretly love and want from a guy.

1. Patting her head / ruffling her hair when you introduce her to someone.
Okay, this may not be applicable to every girl because some girls spend hourssssss curling and styling their hair but I do love it when people pat my head or ruffle my hair! To me, it's a sign of affection and it makes me feel loved.

2. Good morning texts.
Because they do not just mean good morning, they also mean "I think of you when I wake up." I'm not saying that guys always have to start the conversation - it's just that we would really appreciate it if you drop us a text when you wake up before us. Every girl loves morning texts. Period.

Hint: this includes good night texts too.

3. When you keep your promises.
No, promises are not meant to be broken; I really wonder who came up with this bullshit. Promises are meant to be kept, and if you can't promise her something, explain to her and she'll probably understand. Don't promise without the intention of delivering.

4. When you remember the little things.
I understand that unlike girls, guys are just not built to remember trivial things. You probably don't care about the little nuggets of information she shares with her girls. You don't need to know what kind of restaurant your guy friends went with their dates today but for us girls, we want every single bit of information.

I'm not saying that you should listen to our endless ramblings, much less remember every single detail. I'm just saying that it'll be nice if you randomly surprise us with something we casually mentioned. It not only convinces us that you've been listening, it also helps to give you gift ideas in the future.

5. Playing with her hair when you are cuddling with her.
While at that, don't forget to make her feel secured and hug her a little tighter. No questions asked please. Just trust me on this.

6. When you praise her.
Praise her looks and dressing because she's dolling up just for you. I'm not saying that every girl is shallow and should be judged based only on our outer appearance - it's just that I think this is particularly important in a long-term relationship because it gives her the comfort knowing that you still think she's beautiful.

Praise her for her intelligence, and it makes you look good as well. Why? Because it shows that you do appreciate all her other asserts, not just the parts of her body that fit in a bra or panties. It makes you look like a gentleman, and it makes her feel like you respect her.

7. When you make her laugh.
Really, do I need to explain this? It's universal. She might be attracted by your looks, charmed by your manners, but if you want to keep her, have a good sense of humour. Even Standford researchers agree.

8. Never forget to tell her you love her.
Believe it or not, every girl is insecure, and every girl likes to be reaffirmed this, especially if you have been together for a long time. We think and analyze things a little too much sometimes and some form of reassurance would help a lot.

Hint: it'll be great to let her know you love her every night because her thoughts in the middle of the night are the most depressing so it'll be nice for her to be reminded that there's someone there to love her at the end of the day.

9. Handwritten letters.
Go old-school and write her a handwritten letter. It means more to her than you'll ever know - there's nothing like receiving a handwritten letter from someone you love. It's just something about being able to smell and touch the paper, and taking it out to reread when you guys quarreled. Again, don't promise what you can't do, especially when writing a letter because believe me, she will remember it and use it against you.

If you need some help on how to start your letter, here are some hints: tell her how much miss her, let her know you appreciate the things she does, remind her that you love her.

10. Your jacket.
So that she can smell you when she misses you. I know this sounds psychotic but I'm telling you every girl on earth wants this. She wants to wear your jacket, she doesn't care if she looks silly because it's too big, she's gonna be proud wearing your jacket, and she's gonna love burying her nose in your jacket every night before she sleeps. Long story short, give her your jacket and get a spare one.

There are probably many feminists out there disagreeing with my post but I'm definitely aware that not every girl is insecure and needs a guy to give her the assurance. I know many girls are independent but I'm just suggesting that even the strongest person needs a little care and concern sometimes. That being said, I'll appreciate any opinion thrown at me on my ask.fm.

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