Say something, I'm giving up on you.

March 21, 2014

I know any topic about Justin Bieber is hard to garner support or interest but I don't blog for these reasons anyway so here's another Justin Bieber topic. It's probably the last one in a long time to come through.

"I want you to know that I still love you;
I know the seasons may change
and sometimes love goes from sunshine to rain."

Those who have been following me/my blog for quite some time would know that I have been a Belieber since 2010. That year I was depressed for the longest time but each time I feel like I can't go on, Justin's music was there for me. On a particularly bad day when I felt like just ending it all, Justin followed me on Twitter. Beliebers would know how hard it is for Justin to notice us and follow us on Twitter so that really made my day. 

Yet, today it's different. I'm not blogging about how Justin saved my life or defending him on my blog anymore. I never thought this day would come, but it did. I'm tired. Tired of his crap. Throughout my four years of being a Belieber, I defended him in spite of the mistakes he made and held my head high despite getting bullied just because I was a Belieber. I never once complained and I always felt proud of him.

"You know I don't wanna lose that
I still believe in us."

It has been a great four years but my time is up. I will always love Justin and I leave not because I'm not a true Belieber but because I'm tired of putting up with his bullshit. He's changing, and it's not because he's growing up. He's changing because of Selena and it's funny how 99% of you will refuse to acknowledge it. It feels even worse to see Beliebers defend Selena/Jelena as if she didn't diss him for one full year before going back to him when she's unable to sell out her concert.

It's honestly depressing. It's sad how all the random twitter hours, the random tweeting of fans, any sort of connecting with us come to a halt the moment she appears. We defended him for one full year only to have him going back to the rat he calls his baby. He's losing his Beliebers over the same person who didn't give a fuck about him when he had depression, left him heartbroken, and blamed him for her own damn problems. Yeah, she's here when she has got a movie coming out, when he's getting back on his feet again, but where was she when he got arrested? Narnia?

"It didn't matter how many times I got knocked on the floor;
You knew one day I would be standing tall."

How things have changed, huh? A couple of years ago, I would have jumped in to defend Justin immediately. I believed him when he said he cares. But now it has came to a point whereby even when he tweets things supposedly for his Beliebers, I only see it as ass-kissing. I mean, Justin, why else do you only show love for your Beliebers after you posted and deleted that video of you and Selena practically humping each other? Why don't you prove your love with your actions instead?

"I will catch you if you fall."

If he thinks he can rely on Beliebers again when Selena leaves him, then no, he's definitely wrong. He's losing his real Beliebers over one woman who couldn't give two shit about him. Will any Beliebers still be here to catch him when Selena leaves him yet again, after the promotion of her movie? Does he really think we will buy Journals 2.0? Maybe by then Justin's Beliebers wouldn't exist anymore. The fandom is getting smaller, Beliebers are giving up. I wish he could see that.

Remember when Justin broke numerous records? When he won countless awards? When every single one of his albums went #1? When we had a special connection with him? Well, he fucked that up. I don't want to watch some bitch morph the Justin I know into a stranger but I know he will let her do so, willingly. He's choosing his bitch over those who would step in and take a bullet for him any day.

"Now you're just somebody
that I used to know."

The Justin I know wouldn't block his Beliebers over a trivial matter. For him to block a true Belieber who have been there for five damn years just goes to show that he would choose her over us any day of the week. Us Beliebers have been here for him longer than Selena did. I just hope Justin remembers that we got him to where he is today and Selena wouldn't even want him if it wasn't for us for fuck's sake. If it wasn't for us, he would have never met her. I know I was there for him before she even came into the picture.

Yeah, save me the talks on how if I was a true Belieber, I will be happy for him and support whatever makes him happy. I have been here since 2010 and I know his happiness with Selena is temporary. When she leaves, she's only gonnna do more damage. I do want the best for Justin and if Selena is the best thing for him and by all means, I'll stan Jelena. But no, she isn't. I refuse to support something that will only result in undesirable consequences.

"I was mistaken by the way you loved me;
we led it straight for a while,
but you deceived me, you convinced me."

One thing I cannot understand is how Beliebers can act like they didn't know how hurt Justin was when Selena left just because she didn't need any promotion anymore. Don't tell me you guys never heard Journals? The fucking whole album was written for her. So was most part of Believe.

One day Justin tells us "it's all about the music", another day he tells the reports to never ask about Selena again, then he says he tries to not rub Jelena in our faces, and lastly, he posts a Instavideo of him and Selena humping each other. Ladies and gentleman, meet Justin Bieber - the hypocrite of the year.

Seriously, Justin? Once. Twice. Fair enough. Love is blind and I understand. But the second time you make a mistake, it's no longer a mistake - it's now a choice. I hope you do think that she's fucking worth it because you're losing those who actually care about your feelings, and not just the amount of money you make.

If Justin wants to fuck up his life even more, go ahead. If he wants to get hurt and humiliated by the world again, be my guest. Just don't come running back to the Beliebers when that happens. I still love him, but I'm exhausted and I'm leaving. For once, I finally see that Justin is not losing his fans, he's losing his Beliebers who are tired of his crap.

Finally, I'd like to say a big, hearty fuck you to Justin Bieber, his girlfriend Selena Gomez, his Jelenators, his disgusting lies and his repulsive actions.

P.S. Justin's a fool if he really thinks his Beliebers will purchase the song he collaborated with Selena.

Justin Feat. Selena?

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