Virgin trip to Universal Studios Singapore

March 14, 2014

Despite the fact that Universal Sudios Singapore (USS) opened almost four years ago, I haven't been there because something always crops up unexpectedly when I'm about to make a trip there. This trip was not different either; my boyfriend and I were supposed to head there yesterday but I went over to his house where we both overslept and we declared yesterday a cuddling day instead.

That night, the haze situation was horrible. I'm super sensitive to the haze, and together with the disappointment of the possibly of missing my USS trip yet again, I threw a tantrum wtf. But my boyfriend was all patient with me and kept his promise of bringing me to USS today!!! I'm worn out from my trip but I just washed my hair and am still waiting for my hair to dry so I guess I'll post now before I forget some things :B

I didn't take much photos though because I was too busy marveling at every single thing. I can't believe the amount of details they put in each attraction!!! I'm so highly impressed! We walked the park thrice and each time we have a new set of photos and I'm lazy so I'm not gonna bother arranging my photos according to the theme.

This is my favourite world!!! I've always got a thing for dinosaurs and I love everything about them! I also watched Jurassic Park more than 20 times when I was younger, to the point that I can memorise most lines wtf. 

We met a velociraptor! It was so realistic with the trainer telling this velociraptor to control his appetite when he bends down in an attempt to eat us. Ugh, dinosaurs are sooooo cute!!!

Dinosaur eggs and me. No idea why were the eggs spouting water though wtf.

Yay, queuing for my favourite ride in USS, the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure!!! I love it so much I made my boyfriend go on the ride with me twice and my boyfriend even got a mini souvenir from the gift shop! Hehe.

While queueing for the 4D Transformers ride. I love the designs of the whole theme park actually! It's so elaborated and you never get bored while queuing with all these little details!

Such a pity that the Battlestar Galactica was closed :-( It has been closed for half a year already and I can't wait for it to operate again so that I'll have a reason to visit USS soon :X

Ahhh, I rode the Revenge of the Mummy ride here twice! It's my second favourite ride! Ugh, this ride is brilliant, especially if you get the first row seats!!!

Tiny looking me. I've always been fascinated by the Pyramids of Giza since young! I wonder how did the Ancient Egyptians build the ginormous pyramids with their bare hands. It's just incredible!!! 

The Ancient Egypt was made authentic with the heat of Singapore wtf.

Someone needs to give this guy the best character award!!! He was super engaging, even with those who are queuing up for a photo!

Hahaha posting this ugly photo of me just because it's funny looking wtf. Also, just to clarify, I don't usually wear slippers out. In fact, I haven't worn slippers out since I was 14 but I was persuaded by my boyfriend and friends to wear slippers to USS. Never again though, because I felt so self-conscious the whole day wtf. Especially since my boyfriend wore proper shoes instead of sandals -_-

Stumbled upon this ride and immediately regretted when I went on it.

Because it was a ride for kids, as you can tell with the colourful interior, so it was really slow. But it was the only ride slow enough for me to take out my camera to snap pictures so it wasn't that bad.

I was looking at the cutest gingerbread man keychain in a gift shop at Far Far Away then I put it back because it was far too costly for a keychain. But my boy decided to pamper me and got it for me despite my (weak) protests. He spoils me too much :-)

Hehe, I love this shot of my boyfriend *-*

My boyfriend and I changed into a new shirt after taking our last ride, the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, because we were wet from it. Thank god he made me bring an extra shirt or I'll have to wear a uncomfortable soaking shirt home.

Traveled back to VivoCity after a long and tiring day and got to witness a beautiful sunset.

My boy was actually exhausted by 3 plus but he accompanied me around anyway because I was still energized and running around heh. Apparently, this is the longest he has ever stayed in USS, and he got so tired he slept soundly on the MRT when we were heading home. Hehe, such a cutie. I'm so lucky to have him.

P.S. You can get your USS tickets online here.

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