He doesn't love

March 16, 2015

Do not trust empty people like him. He doesn't know what is love. Maybe he once loved deeply and got hurt - I don't know - but what I know for sure now is that he doesn't love and will never do so in the near future.

You'll hear all the bad things about him. You will hear about him before you even know him. Your friends will warn you to stay away from him. Anyone with a modicum of common sense would know that he is bad news but when you caught his attention, you wanted so much for him to change just for you.

He will say he will be there for you, he will always be your listening ear and he will be there to guide you when you're lost. You accept him despite his past and you believe him. After all, he hasn't given you any reason to doubt him. People do change, right?

He will take you to places you've always wanted to go and make you love places you didn't know you would enjoy. He will kiss you so hard, so passionately other kisses from anyone else pale in comparison. His happy demeanour brings so much joy to you that you think he's the one who taught you happiness. You will enjoy his touch so much you feel a tingly sensation even after he left. His smell will linger even months after he left.  
Yes, he will leave.

He will destroy you so beautifully you don't realise it. 

When you find yourself falling deeper in love, that's when he will leave. Maybe he's afraid that he will start falling too. You'll come to realise while you willingly surrender your heart to him, he didn't give you his. Maybe because he lacks one. There's so many "maybe" and "what if", you just cant wrap your head around it. 

How can anyone be this cruel?

Nothing comes even close to what he made you feel. The love you provide was so passionate, so real and so pure but what do you get in return? Intense heartache from someone who doesn't know what love is. And I know what hurts the most - how the vivid memories of him in the past replay in your mind every time you close your eyes.

You will try to compare every injury with the pain in your heart only to realise all the blood shed during your childhood was insignificant. You cannot even begin to fathom what his motives were for getting close to you. Were you just another victim and nothing special like what you imagined? You trusted him only to watch him tear you apart.

That day he leaves will be the day you understand why hurricanes are named after humans.

Cold. Hard. Dangerous. Deadly. Unfeeling. Intense. Destructive. Unforeseeable.

I repeat, do not trust him.

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