Legoland Malaysia

March 13, 2015

Meet my friends who asked if I was tall enough for every ride that we took.

What started as a random suggestion for a short getaway turned out to be one of the best travels of my life (not that I travel often but you get what I mean wtf) with my closest friends in poly, Joanna, Cheryl, Jes and Calvin. Missing from this travel is Ashley because she had some Freshman Bonding Camp chalet to attend but we decided on going anyway because it was soooooo hard to find a day whereby everyone is free, especially with Joanna's hectic schedule.

After confirming a date, we booked a two-way coach ride and tickets to Legoland with WTS Travel. There was an ongoing promotion so we got 10% discount and our tickets were priced at $67.70 each.

Upon arrival, the weather was sunny and hot but still great and the photos turned out vibrant and pretty! But it started raining about two hours later and the rain never stopped so we were soaked to the bones :( I would say that checking the weather forecast before travelling is really important since the rain stopped me from taking a lot more photos.

A staff volunteered to take this series of photos for us which turned out beautiful! The staff at Legoland were really friendly, always smiling and chatting with us, which made our experience 100x better. And that is coming from me, who absolutely hate any kind of small talks. Yay for good customer service!

Staff who took our photos also snapped this photo hahahaha.

The Technic Twister was rather tame so I took lots of selfies wtf.

Another pleasant surprise was how empty the whole theme park was! We specially choose to travel one week before the secondary school holidays and it was evidently the right choice because we didn't have to queue AT ALL. Compare this to some of my friends who went on public holidays and queued up to two hours for some rides :O

Because of this, we also got some "special treatment" from the staff there. For example, we didn't have to get off the rides and we could go again and again and again! When we took The Dragon, the biggest roller coaster in Legoland Malaysia, the guy controlling the roller coaster even made our roller coaster 2x faster! That was awesome, honestly. No other words for that.

Wasn't lying when I said there's really no queue at all.

I think we went on Aquazone Wave Racers at least 10 times a day because it was sooooo fun! In the beginning, only Joanna realised that we could steer the wheel so that the water wouldn't hit us so we were all soaked. We had so much fun after that because we found out that releasing the steering wheel quickly allows your cart to move quickly! I have no idea how to explain this properly, and I think you just have to experience it yourself.

Before getting on the ride.

And after, where I was the wettest of them all and all of them couldn't stop laughing at my stupidity because I didn't know how to steer the wheel initially T_T

We also went on Project X several times and I think it's one of the best rides in Legoland for teenagers. I guess it's considered fast compared to other rides in the theme park and there was one steep slope but that's it so don't expect rides like USS' Mummy or Battlestar Galactica or you'll be very disappointed.

Headed over to Star Wars Miniland after that. I actually expected to be very impressed and awed by the exhibitions but I wasn't at all. Maybe it's because I'm not a fan of Star Wars or maybe I was just too looking forward to the other roller coasters.

Went to Lego Kingdom for Dragon's Apprentice and The Dragon! I must say again that the staff were all really friendly and cheerful and they made the rides so much more enjoyable! We rode both roller coasters more than once without having to get out of our seats because of how empty the whole theme park was :')

Yeah, can I just say empty again?!?!

Track of The Dragon, where we got to experience the roller coaster at 2 times the usual speed!

After getting down from The Dragon, we passed by a souvenir shop so we decided to get matching key chains!

Made one for Ashley as well because she couldn't travel with us.

Decided to go for a meal before continuing our Legoland journey! We were quite cautious of which restaurant to dine in because YC went to Legoland a month ago as well and he said the food was "disgusting" so I didn't have much hopes about the food there. In the end, we decided to eat at King's Grill because it smelt amazing from afar and it very near to The Dragon!

I don't really expect much from theme park food because of YC's previous experience plus I've been to USS quite a few times and their food is quite meh. But the food was awesome! Especially the nuggets!!! You must try the nuggets from King's Grill I swear. I usually don't even like McDonald's nuggets but I couldn't stop eating their nuggets omfg craving for them again now T_T

I got the cheese hot dog adult combo with an extra choice of drink because I wanted to get their freebie - a Lego figurine. The hot dog was not bad but not as good as the nuggets and their fries were a big soggy. The serving was huge and none of us finished our food!

What happened at King's Grill was that the lady taking the order asked me if I wanted fries or French fries wtf. Apparently none of my friends got asked that question so I guess the weirdest things only happen to me. I said French fries by the way.

When we were eating halfway, it started pouring. Like not just a little drizzle but really hardcore raining cats and dogs :( We tried waiting for the rain to stop but it only stopped for a while and kept coming back. in the end, we all decided to just brave the rain in the name of fun.

Badass Joanna

Merlin's Challange which looked quite tame at first but it actually spins pretty fast.

This was before the staff told us we have to take one ride per person because we're considered adults. Despite Jes protesting that I look like a kid and I'm a kid.

Went up the Observation Tower and I think it might have been quite pretty if not for the gloomy weather.

Legoland Water Park, I'll be coming for you next!!! Hopefully.

Fishtail braid that Joanna tied for me. She's like my part-time hairstylist because she likes to play with my hair. Very awesome to have a friend like that HAHA.

Joanna the banana and me!

Headed to Lego Studio where we caught the Legends of Chima 4D movie, which was a total disappointment to be honest. The only 4D effects were some rain falling on us and some miserable green smoke. We were all expecting the chairs to at least move when the Lego figurines were riding on some transportation but they didn't. Might have been the show we watched, but the Shrek Adventure at USS is a lot better compared to this.

Played a fishing game for RM30 and I won this purple lion cub / koala with Joanna's help. We all thought it looked more like a lion cub but the staff told me it was a koala bear?!?!?! LOL. When I returned home and showed it to my mom, she said it looks like a pirated version of Stitch from Lilo and Stitich wtf HAHAHAHA.

There was also an orange version of this lion cub / koala soft toy but I thought I prefer purple. On second thought, I should have gotten orange to annoy my best friend because she absolutely hates orange.

This is the third biggest soft toy they have there and I actually wanted to pay another 5 rounds to win the biggest one which was half my size but I figured I'll have no place to put it and it'll be a burden to bring back to Singapore so I settled for this.

Anyway, RM30 actually entitles you to 4 rounds of fishing but the guy was nice and offered to give us one extra round hehehe. Tip for those going to Legoland or planning to go -be nice to everyone there and they will be nice to you too :-)

Me reenacting a scene from Lion King.

Close enough?

Reached Land of Adventure and I immediately ran towards the playground, Pharaoh's Revenge, because I'm a kid like that wtf.

Could easily fit in and blend in with the kids.

I came in like a wrecking ball ~

My friends started being kids too wtf. But I swear that place was heavenly without anyone else disrupting our fun!!! Brings us back to our childhood and I'm sure kids these days wouldn't even appreciate all these playgrounds anymore because all they want is iPad iPad iPad. I feel like a bitter old grandma but it's true T_T

Went on Lost Kingdom which was a ride providing laser guns for you to point at the dots and shoot. Was fun but tiring because it took so much strength for me to press on the gun. Apparently nobody had that problem except me wtf #weakling

Proud to say that I beat Jes at this LOL

On Beetle Bounce!

Bought the photo from Dino Island where we were making the Lego hands! Omg I love this photo so much because I think we look cute in it HAHAHA. And we actually took a few tries to get this shot and the water kept getting into our mouth because we were screaming the name of someone we don't like LOL.

Casually fitting into a Lego car made for kids.

Racing at the Boating School where I kept bumping into everything. Spongebob and me would be BFFs.

Me with my many bags of purchases! I loved everything there omg I would have bought a lot more if not for the fact that I was using my mom's money :-( And urm, I asked for extra bags because I like collecting plastic bags wtf. And they are free anyway HAHAHA. Spoken like a true auntie that I am T_T I might do a vlog on some of the purchases I made there since I haven't been updating my YouTube channel.

Goodbye Legoland :( I will be back!!!

Anyway, if you're interested in a short day trip to Legoland with your friends, my friends and I got our tickets online from a tour provider because it was way easier this way with chartered transport. I'd reccomend you booking your tickets online too because it was a lot more convenient + we got to skip the queues :P Click here to get your Legoland tickets (instant confirmation)

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