I can say so for sure

March 01, 2015

When I first told you I love you,
My heart was beating wildly and I could hardly breathe.
I held my phone tight not wanting to miss your reply.
When my phone finally vibrated,
I was too scared to look at the screen.
I peeked a little then ignored your message.
I was terrified of what I was feeling,
And even more afraid of losing what we had.

While I was somewhere lost in transition,
I forgot all of those feelings.
I tried to change to please everyone,
Only to lose myself and what I felt.
I failed to remember my fears of losing you.
When I was trying to grow up,
I forgot who was by my side
And I let those memories slipped.

They came flooding back.
The feelings. The fears. The joy. Everything.
He laughed and I fell in love with his laughter again.
We talked till we fell asleep in each other's arms.
Nothing had me feeling better than that.
As if I didn't bid goodbye,
Everything felt the same again.
Except even better this time.

I can say so for sure.
Now I can say this for real -
I love you.

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