Pinky Dinky Doo

March 04, 2015

 Yay another hairventure.

Overdue post but I finally got down to blogging about my hair again!!! It's been quite long since I last dyed my hair a crazy colour and I think this is also one of the last few times because I have to prepare for my internship soon and probably start work after graduation :-( I was quite satisfied with how my hair looked anyway.

One day during Radio class, Cheryl randomly turned to me and said she's gonna dye her hair for Chinese New Year and I was all like, "YOU'RE TEMPTING ME!!!" So I went online and bought a pink dye and we made plans to dye our hair at her house wtf. I'm the queen of impulsive decisions. And can I say impulsive again because we had an exam coming up but instead of studying, we chose to dye our hair WTF. Priorities set right, obviously.

I didn't bleach my hair since it was already sort of blondish at the ends under some lighting so all I had to do was purchase my hair dye and off I go! This is the first time I'm dip dyeing my hair on my own but I can say that after this experience I will NEVER EVER pay salons $150++ to dip dye my hair again. Bitch please, I can do it for $10 on my own.

Carnation Pink from La Riche Directions. 
My fourth time using La Riche! (green / blue experience)

Got down to work immediately after setting up our muggle salon!

I decided to go a little lower first since I can always dye again if I want more pink in my hair.

 And of course, wherever I go the mess will follow wtf. No idea how the dye manage to get onto my hands even though I was wearing gloves T_T

Left the dye on my hair for more than an hour before washing it off even though the instructions only said 15-20 minutes. We're just really kiasu like that lololol. Soooooo happy with how the colour turned out and it's really just as bright in real life!!! But I decided I should go a little higher with the pink so I dyed them again.

After another hour of waiting and washing, this came out! Can I praise my own skills please wtf I think I did well for a first-timer hahahhaha.

Yay, Cheryl's hair turned out awesome too!

We then spend the remaining time taking photos to post on Instagram and I went home after that.

What my hair looks like now, after three weeks.

My hair is fading perfectly into light pink and I hope it'll fade to pastel pink then back to blonde so that I can easily dye another colour after this! Now that I've discovered my hidden talent at dip dyeing, I think I might just try a few more colours before going off for internship :P Till then!

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