Stop. Please stop.

October 18, 2015

People always say that as you grow older, you learn who your true friends are. However, I feel like it's the opposite for me. The older I am, the harder it is for me to differentiate who wants to be here for me and who only wants a part of me. What is it about me that allows people to leave so easily?

Every time someone talks to me, I question their intentions. I find it exhausting to be so paranoid but I have to build walls to protect myself. I'm sick of letting people in easily just to get hurt in the end. I hate thinking that someone cares about me or that they're gonna stay in my life permanently only to watch them leave when they're done with me.

I'm tired of all these people in my life.

Help me. I'm so worn out...

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  1. As I grow older, i have lesser and lesser this true? or is just me :(