McDonald's all new Golden Samurai Burger

November 02, 2015


Last week, McDonald's invited me and a guest down to try out their newest burger - the all new GOLDEN Samurai burger! I picked Wanyi, who shared with me her inspiring inner samurai story.

Samurai values include respect, courage, honesty, compassion, honour and/or loyalty. As for me, my inner samurai story was when I decided to do what none of my peers have ever done - drop my combined science to focus on my remaining five subjects for O Levels. Stupid or not, I believe my courageous inner samurai moment defined my results and brought me to where I am today.

*Channeling our inner samurai!*

Of course, what's a samurai without his food right? The newly launched Golden Samurai burger has new secret ingredients and it's up to you courageous samurais to try it out!

I'm usually not courageous with my food at all as I'm superrrrrrrr picky but I have to say I loved both the samurai and new samurai burgers! I'm no food expert - I can only tell you what I tasted without the flowery language - the buns were really soft, the meat tender, the sauce was just the right amount and paired with the all time favourite seaweed shaker fries?! What more can I say!

Picture credits: McDonald's Singapore

The Golden Samurai burgers are available from now, while stocks last, and the original Samurai burger, seaweed shaker fries and Mocha flavoured McFlurry will also be available during this period.

As a compassion Samurai, I'm sure you'll also be glad to find out that McDonald's Singapore will be donating S$1 from every purchase of a Strawberry sundae to help raise funds and bring love, hope and courage to children and families supported by the Ronald McDonald's House Charities. 
To find out more about RMHC Singapore, click here!

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  1. Although I'm lost, I freaking love the sweet potato fries! yay!