I kno I'm gona be alright

October 31, 2009

No use saying all those sh*ts after what you've done t us.
Th reason why didn't reply any of yur sms is because I lose all faith in you alr.
And when I do, I don't see what's th point of wasting all my time anymore.
My patience has it's limits just like yurs.
What makes you think that you have feelings & we don't?
I'll let go of all our memories.
We were a clique - we were supposed t stick together through thick & thin.
People also got feelings one you kno - not just you.
Don't think you're so big all th time.

I wanna thank MILDRED & YINGYING for ALWAYS being there for me. Loves. (:
Jolene & WenTing for cheering me up. (:
Afiqa, WeiLun, Andy & YiHong for listening t me talk for so loong. (:

Thought that it would be a great day but ended up in crap.
Saw Timothy on bus then he walked me t class . Then a lot people thought that he's my stead , HAHA WTF . We talked a lot crap before he go find his friend .
Scienceworkshop was crap. Recess too. BLAH.
After recess was home period. Got back our CCA slip. Crap. I no CCA point cos I pon choir too many times -.- Whatever lah.
Area cleaning next. Had quite fun. But, something happened.
Cried like what crap & MsQuek talked t me. That didn't help anyway, -.-
After school, homed & bathed. Met up with YY & went t watch movie @ tm as mentioned in las post. Coraline in 3D \m/ .
Sat 27 t Sengkang. Wanted t sit 83 but sat 82 instead -_- Expected from me. Walked home & thought through a lot of things.

This Is It movie! :D Nothing much happened but MJ really rocks :D .
Momma's asleep alr. Gotta sleep soon. Tired.
Shall end here .

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