Brevity is the soul of wit

October 16, 2009

放了爱 为了爱
这不是我 该怎么生活
放了爱 会明白
有种拥有 叫做放手


RAH . Regine so moodless now.
Morning went t school. Kwt give me HAWWWWTPINK telephone coil (hearts) Maths paper 1st. YY forgot t bring Maths set then we were like looking for people t loan for so long, asked MrKoh also, then that damn Mel actually has extra in her bag ._.! So well, anyway, YY had her maths set alr. Maths paper 2 is easier than paper 1 . YY agrees. But Mil & Mel think paper 1 easier :X Breaktime something happen . Rahh ): Shall not dwell on it anymore. After break is HomeEcons. Diedie After HomeEcons went measure height & weight then went out t meet appletea.(!) Wheeets. So high. (: Went home change 1st then cabbed t E!hub :D Hehehe. :B Bought movietickets at 4.40pm dehs. Nothingmuch t do. Went t subway t eat lunch \m/ Saw Hafiqah(?) on th way. Walao. Damn full after that. Like gonna vomit sey. & I didn't finish :x Walk around then decided t go Whitesands. Bought telephone coil (black) @ whitesands. Appletea bought transparent pink :] Went t library t slack. Sang 'Sing a Song of Six Pence' loudly & got chase out after that. HAHAHA . Ndways, went out & walk back t E!hub 4th level t slack & zilian. Photos with dumbass appletea. Waiting for her t go online. Wondered if should cut hair anot. After a while went down t watch movie. Imagine That, Ok bahs . Not bad :B Decided t cut hair! But endup, not enough time. Sadsad. After went toilet a while, appletea's momma called t say she going out so appletea can stay out longer! -insertshappyface- Also allow appletea cut hair -insertssuperhappyface- Asked my momma if 53 got go HougangMall cos appletea wanna go HM cut. Don't have, sad. Sat number3 t Punggol then 62 t hm. Lalala ;P Arrive then walk around before finally deciding t go t th place appletea last cut. Cut bangs together. Same style, same length, back also samesame! (heartshearts) (: Endup, kinda regret cos I look like, raahh, prisch kid. Look supersuper like JCPS ! But after a while look better le. BUT STILL. I DON'T LIKE! Howhow? ): Pinup fringe? Considering much. Anyway, sat 62 home. Darn worried about appletea cos scared she dno how alight. HAHA ;P

Note t self ;
有种拥有 叫做放手.

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