I love you but

October 23, 2009

My sucky results:
Maths: 53/100
Literature: 26/30
HomeEcons: 42.5/100
Geography: 50/100
Science: 48.5/100
Chinese: 52/140
English: 46/60

Rah. I'm so disappointed & sad although I don't show it. ):
I feel like a big disappointment t those who had believed in me, especially my mother. D: This is the worst feeling. Ever.
Suddenly, I have this fear inside of me.
What if.. What if I'm deemed as dumb? What if I drop t NA? What if I retained? What if I don't promote? What if.. What if.. But it's all too late now, isn't it. It's just all my fault from th beginning.

only happy w/ my English results cos I got 2nd in class.


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