I know, this is the last lap

October 09, 2009

You wanna show the world, but no one knows your name yet
Wonder when and where and how you're gonna make it
You know you can if you get the chance
In your face as the door keeps slamming
Now you're feeling more and more frustrated
And you're getting all kind of impatient waiting


Do you see stars? :) I do .


我累了. ):
This week has been a super tiring one for me. Mugmugmug . Stay back ask questions . RAH. Super tired . But , I might fail Geography, Chinese, Art & Home Econs -crossfingers-
English today was okay I guess. Compo wrote on th topic , happiness . Paper2 was relatively easy, I guess. Comprehension&Editing was not bad but summary, this almost killed me. I don't even know what is expected from us. -.- I guess I gotta work harder for other subjs !
WOW, I didn't realised I typed so much alr ! Gtg study ! :D
Goodluck t all (goodluck)

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