Everytime you smile at someone , it is an action of love . A gift t that person , a beautiful thing .

July 11, 2010

I had a dream 'bout us , out together again .
Not only the two of us , but all three of us .
We were doing silly stuffs , laughing at retarded things , making stupid postures to take photos just to laugh at them . We had ugly hairstyles , but who cares . We were having fun . Just like the old times .
Then things changed , everything went wrong .
You turned yur back against us & walked out of our lives . We called out to you , but you didn't listen . We cried , but you didn't turn back .
In a flash , I was jolted awake from my dreams .
Everything happened too fast , all too quickly , I wasn't able to grasp it .
You walked out from my life , leaving beautiful footsteps & even more beautiful memories in my heart .

I looked at the photographs we've taken together , kept safely away .
They were of sweet memories , those when everybody was against me , & you were with me .
When we did nothing but danced the whole recess away , or running around the paradesquare/quadrangle , ignoring the obvious smirks of others . We did projects together , planned for prom , skipped gatherings just to have our own fun & being cheapskates .
Even when all 3 of us were always broke , we had always found a way to have fun together , like playing with paper at the arcade , going in neoprint machines just to take photos .
There's just so much that we've gone through together , I tried to remember everything , but I can't . I lost a best friend , one that I truly treasured , one that I can relate everything to , one that has been there all along .

I wiped the tears that had slid down my now wet cheeks & went back to sleep , knowing things will never be the same again .

021208 ;
& now , BestieN. , I miss you .

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