Life has lots of turning points . It's those turning points that change us & make us stronger .

July 20, 2010

To me , others' opinion of me doesn't matters .
What God thinks 'bout me matters the most .

Alrights , I reckon you people would like to see some real updates after me going on a somewhat semi-hiatus during the June holidays .
Went out quite a lot during the holidays , catching up with friends , lunch dates , watching of movies & simply spending time together . So I can say that my holiday's actually a fruitful & not wasted one (: .

My school holidays were also packed with Syf Opening Ceremony rehearsals . Although many complained 'bout the hours & the sacrifices we had to make , I believe that at the end of everything , all of us had a sense of accomplishment . The performance was really magnificent & I had to say that I especially enjoyed Catholic high's performance . I thought that it was really original .

The Syf Opening Ceremony not only taught me dance steps , I also learnt something else bout friendship . Yes , I've made many new friends but meeting old friends is the hard part of it . Looking at my primary school friends & realising how much they've changed , I know that we might never be close again but I'll never forget how we used to be . When we met , the awkward feeling in my heart that I was fear would be there was there . Even after we hugged , the awkward silence filled the air . I knew then , that people do change . Even best friends .
The picture above is the signature of two of my many instructors teaching us those dance steps , Jie Ling and Yee Shan :) .

School reopened in the blink of an eye , & there I am , back in school , studying , hanging out with friends again . Everyday's almost the same routine , nothing important for me to note down .
However , one particular event made me realise the importance of team spirit . I'll try not to mention any names here .

At the start , I wasn't really interested in the ICG . Those who know me will know that despite being a sporty person in primary school , I don't enjoy PE , morning run or anything sports related in secondary school . Some people signed up for the ICG , but on the day itself , everybody became disinterested in it , & some even wanting a walkover , claiming that it's best for the class . I know that some people were disappointed , even more so for our form teacher , one of the organisers of the event . The look on his face . That's when I decided that no matter what , I'll find enough people to play for our class , & I'll even take part in this event .

In the end , 2e3 played hard & well . We had 2 matches that day & we won one match , while the other match ended up in a draw . I would say that I'm really proud of the team players . Even though it was a few minutes before the game , we before we know who were officially in the team , we had some kind of bond & I know all of us fought hard . I didn't even think for one minute that we would achieve such great results but we did it . I'm really proud of the team , Vernon , Douglas , Jon , BenedictY , SuXian , YingYing , Xueying & me :) . At the end of the day , all I can say is that I don't regret being in the team . Yes , it's tiring , & it's tough . But the cheers , screams , smiles , \m/ signs & hi-fives we got after each & every goals we scored made everything worth it .

My school's having some exchange with other school recently & it so happens that Josephinetanmojo is posted to my class . Cool rightz ? HAHAHA , caught up with her bout lots of stuff & I miss the times we had in chalet , hohoho . There's another girl , Sarah , who was also posted to my class & she's super friendly , hyper & lame , HAHAH .

In a nutshell , life's been .. good :)

Today , I'm learning to appreciate & identify the slightest blessings in my everyday life (: Hopeful that I won't make the same mistake again .



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