In the arithmetic of love , one plus one equals everything , and two minus one equals nothing .

August 31, 2010

Once you find someone you really love try yur hardest not to lose them
Because you will never get over the feeling of loneliness .

Aces day workout was really slack ._. , I didn't even skip once cause I was busy snapping photos ;X . But it was really great to see everyone in their class tees , to see everyone so united .
Guess I kinda dampened the mood for some people during the teachers-students bonding time :( .
Tears stream down yur face when you lose something you cannot replace . I promise , I won't make the same mistake . Deep in my heart , I know we're not meant to be but I just can't let you go . I don't know why . All the bullshits I said about being strong , they're just ... Bullshits . I lost someone special whom I'll never be able to replace .

I believe that , the saddest thing in life is caring so much for someone then one day , you look into their eyes , listen to their heart , and realised that they're long gone . Then , all you see in front of you is just a stranger, with a known name . This morning , I finally let myself believe , finally stopped pretending . I know , you've moved on . All these while , I've been telling myself to have faith that someday , everything will just turn beautiful again . I've always believed in miracles but now even I , myself , am unsure of my own stand .

Thank God I have great friends and a great teacher . They make me believe that maybe it's worth the pain . I'll be stronger . At least I'm not alone . People who genuinely care about me really make my day . And that really cheers me up .

Headed to hall for Greendale's Got Talent after the bonding session . The emcees were seriously amazing . They had everyone high and screaming . Everything was just awesome and so well planned , and I cheered up . I guess I was one of the most hyper in the class at that time . Cheering , shouting , and just being happy . I wish I could feel like this all the time .

After doing the school cheer , Mr Seah talked to me a while . Yingying and Xueying accompanied me back to Edgefield after that . Saw some people whom I really missed . Like DEANNA'ZUIAI (I hope she sees this) . Left Edgefield after receiving a disappointing text . Faith . I'll have faith . Cabbed to Xueying's primary school , Fernvale after that and joked 'bout her school's affliations . Stayed for a while before cabbing home .

I really have no words to explain today . My friends , teachers , and those who care about me really gives me hope , but on the other hand , I realised that you've closed the door , and you're never coming back , so fmylife .

You can hide the pain that you feel and make others believe that you've moved on .
But you can never deny the truth to yurself ,
That the person who has failed you and hurt you is still the person you will always choose to love .

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