With every generation , there's more to be grateful for .

August 06, 2010

Nationalday celebration was (Y)(Y) . Everyone was so high and happy ^^
Cabbed home after school , prepared and met up with Yingying & Xueying at Celeisure .
Our awesome movie day turned into our awesome kbox day ,

Nevertheless , it was still as awesome . :D


After one week plus , I thought it through and decided to take it slow . Why should I be rushing into anything , not like it's gonna disappear or what , right ? ._. Hmm , don't wanna take risks this time , cause I can't afford and don't wish to . Guess , it's time to take my time off all my retarded worries , fears and whatever I'm currently feeling . Instead of running into something I'm not too sure about , this time I wanna take a walk and take it slow(: Maybe it might not be the right one too .

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