How can I ever be happy without you?

August 09, 2010

I've always wished these (picture above) existed . Not for me , but for the people around me . Many people can't really comprehend my optimism , even I wonder too sometimes . With these pills , I can cure heartaches , loneliness , sadness , anger - all the negative emotions . Then I can be the happy fairy .

It's funny how fairytales never once mentioned the happy fairy .
I mean , they've got the tooth fairy , fairy godmother , sleep fairy , etc .

Or maybe , the happy fairy was just deemed by everyone as absurd and ludicrous that it isn't even worth mentioning . Also maybe to prevent them from deluding little children that pure happiness exists despite all the challenges they would have to go through .

But hey , weren't the tooth fairy and fairy godmother just as ridiculous ? I mean who creates a coach from the pumpkin , a vegetable which I don't really like that much and creating horsemen from rats - that's totally cooler than the mutation that happened in X-Men !

This aside , I still believe that people right now need happiness more than anything else . The happy fairy can take the place of both the tooth fairy and the fairy godmother . For the only reason those two exist , is to make someone happy .

Nonetheless , I can't believe I crapped about something non-existent . But if I could play a role in someone's life , I'd be their happy fairy , even if they are skeptical that I could do a "better" job . You need to believe in me , that's the first step .

Oh please , I don't have those pills .
I need my own happy fairy too , actually . So it's really ironic of me to be saying all these things .

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