I missed you more than words and pictures can describe . But I'll try .

September 02, 2010

Time never said

" Best you enjoy yourself now because we're going somewhere soon ."

But that's what he meant .

Remember what you asked me sometime ago ? You asked if I loved you or myself more .

Today , after they asked me a particular question , I realised that I have the answer in my heart all along .

Suspension from school today and watched Haunted Changi with YingYing , Vanessa and XueYing . It was boring :/ .

I would really much prefer seeing you happy , having more friends and all , cause I know then , that I've made a right choice in letting you go . I guess this is what they mean by giving up doesn't always mean that you're weak , sometimes it means that you're strong enough to let go .

Once bitten , twice shy . I kept my distance , but you still catch my eyes .

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