I'm only up when you're not down .

September 25, 2010

What you saw and heard were my cold words , what I've said . If you bothered to look a little closer you'll see that I said , "Leave ," but all I really want is for you to show that you still care , assure me that you still love me , and wait there in the pouring rain , coming back for more .

Today was really fun :) .
I lit up a candle for the first time , and I think I looked mad happy in that photo that they took of me , hahahaha .
Photos will be uploaded soon as I'm not home , therefore , don't have my usb connector with me .

If you're wondering why was I smiling like an idiot , it's because this is my first time litting up a candle .

I likt this picture a lot 'cause my teeth looks very straight :D

I'm only me when I'm with you :)

I can't even look at you . Me and my stupid pride are sitting here alone , going through the photographs , staring at the phone . I keep going back over things we both said . If you know everything 'bout me , why didn't you know that when I walked out of the door , all I wanted was for you to chase after me ?

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