A broken relationship can never be rearranged again because even it gets tied up , a knot will always be there to remind you of the past .

September 23, 2010

These few days had been super ominous for me , struggling through a lot of emotional issues and of course , school work . I've been unable to sort out my thoughts properly , unable to think straight and had been lagging behind my study schedule . What's wrong with me , like seriously ? ._.
EOY's just like 15 days down the road, and how many days do I have left to mug ? Grr :/ And with the pace I'm going at , plus the work I'm totally lagging behind , I'm seriously not gonna make it . :( 白宜静,请你醒醒好不好,时间不多了。再不加油,你就没救了。

To everyone who asked me questions on formspring ;
I'm really sorry for all those late replies , but I'm having a hard time making lemonades with all those lemons life threw at me . I'll try to answer a few questions per day so , PLEASE BE PATIENT D: . Thanks for understanding yeah :) .

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