I hate falling in love.

July 29, 2013

I hate falling in love. When I fall for someone, I care so much about that person that I get easily affected by him, even though he's not my boyfriend. I guess it's because I get emotionally attached too easily, especially when I feel like that someone is right.

By "someone is right", I mean someone whom I can click well with. It's very hard for me to find someone who can hold conversations with me without getting bored, understand my every quirk and accept me for who I am. I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels this way because each of us is different. 

I think the honeymoon period in a relationship is beautiful. Yet, I'm afraid to be in a relationship again, or even to have a crush on somebody. I hate having to guess if the person is just playing, or being serious. I hate it when the wrong signal is being sent out and I have to act like I don't care. I hate not knowing if he says the same things to other people as well, and not just me. I hate how easily he can affect my mood just by the careless things he said. I hate checking my phone for his messages and letting him control my mood. 

I just hate how important he already is to me when to him, I can be just another girl in his life. 

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