Genting 2013 with Jacinta // Day 1

August 02, 2013

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Last month I was feeling exceptionally down due to my last relationship (we broke up for good this time) so I really wanted a quick getaway for me to not think so much. I randomly remembered that Jacinta once said she wanted to go overseas with her friends so I texted her and asked her about it. We confirmed the details within a week and one week before our trip, I collected my passport from ICAS, bought a new camera, and booked our tickets for accommodation and travel. Yes, it was a very impromptu trip but

I've always been a planner but this trip made me love the feeling of being able to wake up any time we like, with no worries, not rushing anywhere, doing things at the very last minute.

Since it wasn't the school holidays, Jacinta had compulsory lessons on Friday morning so we left Singapore on 19 July's night. That afternoon, while waiting for her to end school, I met up with my ultimate bimbo, Yuxuan.

We had a simple lunch together, and she accompanied me to my ex's place to return his things to him. After which, I headed back to Greendale and caught up with soooo many teachers. I was so surprised that the VP still remembers me! :OOO I accompanied Alvin because he was doing his coursework and had fun in the D&T workshop. Omfg, you guys have no idea how much I miss D&T and the teachers TT___TT My watch was kinda loose so Mr Chang lent me his drill to drill an extra hole in my watch's strap hahaha. It is indeed true that once you leave your secondary school, you'll miss it so much. I can only wish that I listened to everyone's advice at that time and cherish my secondary school life more T-T

 It was Racial Harmony Day for them!

Jacinta finally ended school at we met at Punggol to cab to my house before cabbing to People's Park Centre! After settling the paperwork, we finally boarded the bus at 9pm!

We gossiped through out the bus ride and I only slept for an hour D: But the up side was that I had time to think about a lot of things and sort out my thoughts, which explains the post I posted immediately after reaching Singapore and getting connection. Oh, and throughout the trip I was active on Instagram and Twitter because we both bought DiGi prepaid cards which entitled us to 300MB of data plan with RM25. They were running low on my last day so I didn't get to tweet much.

Reached Genting at around 3am and it was freezing cold at 17°C. I guess we were not used to it yet. So glad that Yongchuan lent me his jacket or I might froze to death. Jacinta was so cold her teeth wouldn't stop chattering and I had no idea wtf was she going on about most of the time hahhahahaa. We took a queue number to check in. We could have been number 18 but Jacinta brought us to the wrong side so we had to re-queue up and I wouldn't stop going on about it HAHAHAHA.

We deposited our luggage at the luggage storage and bought Starbucks to warm ourselves up. After camwhoring for a while, we got restless and decided to explore First World Plaza and decide where should we go shopping after checking in and getting some rest.

Guess how tall am I hahahahaha.

My hair is so long already O.O

Of course, girls gotta do what we gotta do! It's quite creepy walking around foreign land, especially when we are both girls and I am so weak wtf. We actually got stalked by a Chinese guy who only gave up after we head to the hotel's lobby. It was quite a scary experience but memorable I guess hahaha.

We checked in the hotel at around 6am and the hotel was small as fuck. But it was clean and not spooky so I don't really have anything to complain about hahahaha. After checking in, we went to sleep immediately because the bed was so comfortable and the temperature was perfect.

That's about it for our first day at Genting. I'll blog about the other days soon!

P.S. I'm not a tour group kind of traveller but if you're interested in a Genting tour, here's one from KKday!

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