Genting 2013 with Jacinta // Day 2

August 04, 2013

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After we woke up and bathed, we left the hotel only to go back again because I forgot my necklace. lololol. BUT!!! WE STARTED SHOPPING!!! Errr, we didn't take much photos that day because we were busy shopping hahahaha.

Headed back to the hotel again after shopping because I needed the toilet and I refused to use the toilet outside as it was quite dirty :X

I bought this Hello Kitty beanie(?) for SGD$13! I normally wouldn't spend so much on accessories/head gears but COME ON IT IS HELLO KITTY.

After leaving the hotel (for the third time wtf), we decided to go to Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum since Jacinta wanted to visit it.

Posted the photo on the left on Instagram and bragged about not needing a jacket only to take back my words minutes later because it was getting cold during the night time wtf.

Insisted on eating three scoops of Baskin Robbins (red velvet cake x cotton candy x strawberry cheesecake) because it was cheaper over at Genting wtf. I was almost frozen by the time I was done but it was totally worth it. My love for ice cream is so great I don't even know where to begin wtf.

It was still quite early after that so we decided to go for a karaoke session!

We sang for four hours and I could feel my throat screaming for help by the time we finished wtf. So we decided to buy dinner and head back to the hotel because we are getting old and night life isn't for us hahahhahaa.

By the way, did I mention that we came across this group of hot guys?!?!?!?!? asdfghjkl they were so cute and I told Jacinta that if we bump into them again, I'll go talk to them and ask them where are they from. Unfortunately, I have no such luck :(

This concludes Day 2! Stay tuned for Day 3! ^^

P.S. I'm not a tour group kind of traveller but if you're interested in a Genting tour, here's one from KKday!

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