And I'm sorry.

August 14, 2013

Dear you,

Do you remember this date? Because I still do.

Yes, it's my fault. I regret my choice. I should have said no. I know that no amount of sorry that I say would help. I realise the consequences of my actions now and I can only blame myself for what happened. But I really wish that you know that I meant whatever words I said to you in the last week of our relationship. I really wanted to change, I really wanted things to last between us. But you've already given up. I'm not trying to justify my actions because I know what I did was wrong - it's the worst thing that I ever did to you but I just want you to know that I never cheated on you. I honestly didn't.

I am very thankful, though, for all that you've done for me. It is partly because of you that I even have the chance to be in my dream course. And it's good to know that you've been doing great. I'm happy for you. Really.

But sometimes, I can't help but wish that I'm the one putting the smile on your face.
Just like two years ago. On one of our first few dates, we went to East Coast Park in the morning. Remember that smile you had on your face while you watched me play with the water? I still remember. You have a beautiful smile and I've always let you know that. Please keep that smile on.
I would love to see it more often, even if it's not for me. Not anymore.

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  1. If a guy doesn't come back, it's probably he has another person in his heart. And it's typical for the guy to blame the fault on the girl.

    World is so big. Just move on and stop blaming yourself.


    1. I'm ok! Don't worry, and thank you for your words :)