Bumble Bee // Blonde with Salon Vim (Review)

August 30, 2013

If you're not following me on Instagram, I actually dyed my hair blonde.

To be honest, I don't really care about what your opinion of my hair is because all I want to do is to have fun with my hair while I can. I mean, why should I take myself so seriously when I still have the time to be young? If I don't do it now, then when?
I am definitely aware that darker hair colours like brown naturally suit me better (I am, after all, Asian) but I really want to do something crazy with my hair while I can just because I'm young. Once I graduate from poly and start working, I probably won't have the chance to experiment with colours like blonde anymore.

The last time I did something crazy was when I had my green hair, which I dyed blue eventually (I haven't blogged about yet :X). I also dip-dyed my hair purple before but I really wouldn't recommend doing it at that salon because they did not deliver what I had in mind and I felt that I could have done a better job myself :X Anyway, I decided that I don't want wild colours anymore because they are hard as fuck to maintain; my green hair faded into a mess of green and brown within two weeks.

I wanted to dye/bleach my hair blonde a long time ago but I was really scared of the pain from bleaching and I also wanted to do more research before settling down on a salon since it's kinda a major decision. After months of thorough research, I settled down with Salon Vim. NOTE: This is not an advertorial and I am in no way sponsored. I called them for an appointment since I read that they are quite popular, and I told them that any stylist will do because it's my first time there and I have no preference.

Joyce Wan attended to me when I was there and I have to say that she's really patient and detailed with her explanation! I showed her a rough picture of what I wanted and she broke down the price of everything for me, and informed me of all the on-going promotions. There was no hard-selling and I really have nothing but praise for the salon (except that it was really pricey :X).

After Joyce quoted me a price and I agreed to it, the first round of bleaching began. 

My hair was in such a ridiculous shade of orange after the first round of bleaching that Yingying joked that I'm the lion king after I told her I feel like a lion wtf. After washing off the bleach, off I went for a second round of bleaching to get rid of the stubborn blue left in my hair.

As I mentioned that I am actually quite afraid of the pain I'll get from bleaching my hair, Joyce suggested to only dye the area near my scalp. So, thankfully, the process wasn't painful and the occasional times that the bleach touched my skin was just itchy and not painful. 


After the second round of bleaching, my hair came out yellow -___- Okay I gotta admit that at this point in time, I was really afraid that nothing can save my hair and I'll have to walk out with this horrible colour HAHA. But Joyce returned with a toner and hair dye and I trusted my hair in her hands.

The end result is beautiful ♡_♡ I'm sorry Joyce, I shouldn't have doubted you TT___TT (Joyce is the one on the left by the way. She told me that she had blonde hair before too and that blonde is a really fun colour ^_^) She then politely asked if she can curl my hair for me and take photos of it so I agreed to it and gosh, I think she has magical hands.

I mean just look at this. Look at how my hair turned out! It was better than expected :') To be honest I really wanted to hug her so much for making my hair so wonderfully perfect :') My hair is so long and thick that at one point in time, three stylists were needed to blow dry my hair but none of them complained and they were all really patient with me.

One thing I get asked a lot is the condition of my hair, especially because I dye my hair colours so often. My hair is still quite healthy and relatively smooth despite everything that I put it through. I'll just say that I'm blessed with good genes; I would like to thank my parents because both of them have really strong and thick hair :B I wouldn't recommend anyone to change their hair colour so often though.

I paid a total of SGD $427 for all the services (bleaching twice, colouring, and application of serum before the bleaching) and the membership which lasts a lifetime. I would say that it's really pricey but their service makes me feel that it's worth it and I think this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing so I think you might as well pay more for a reputable salon rather than go to a cheap salon which screws your hair up :X

Anyway, I really have to thank Yingying for her patience because she sat in the salon for six hours with me waiting for my hair to be done ♡♡♡ We had a fruitful catch-up/bonding/gossip session. Although I still insist that it isn't gossip if I merely reported the facts HAHA.

Okay that's all for now!
See you guys next time! ^_^

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