Genting 2013 with Jacinta // Day 3

August 09, 2013

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The third day was theme park day!!! I was most excited for today because it's the day we will take loads and loads of photos!

Had pasta for lunch before buying the tickets for the theme park!

Me, being the vain pot that I am, refused to wear a jacket to take photos despite the cold wind blowing because I thought that the jacket makes me look fat hahahaha.

Obligatory tourist photo with the signboard.

Jacinta was shouting during the pirate ship ride and being the asshole that I am, I laughed at her HAHAHAHA.

When we took the haunted car ride, Jacinta got her revenge because I was shouting and screaming through out the ride (I have an irrational fear of the dark) and honestly, the ride is family-friendly and not meant to be scary at all wtf. I'm just a pussy.

I am so short that I can fit right into the hole at the children's playground wtf.

Tiny eyes because the sun was really bright and I couldn't open my eyes properly :(

Posting this ugly shot of me because I like my hair here! I really miss my green hair so much but I have blue hair now (more about that next time) and I think I'm gonna go blonde soon O.O

Me being grumpy because I was trying to take a photo with the pirate ship going up but it was taking so long to get a proper shot!

Ahhhh, finally. With my hair flying somemore. Nice or not hahahahhaa.

Jacinta and me decided to do this hand wax thing because we haven't tried it. I guess it's kinda a waste of money since it's just sitting there along with my soft toys now but it was a good experience!

Took this ride that look really meh but it was quite thrilling!!!


HAHAHAHA can't help but laugh whenever I look at this retarded photo.

Jacinta: "Eh eh, quick, act like you are lost! ......... Actually, no need la! Just put on your normal face."
HAHAHAHAHA that bitch.

We left the theme park when it was getting dark. Honestly speaking, the outdoor theme park isn't as exciting as what it used to be anymore. I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting old, but whenever I take a ride now, I just keep thinking of all the risks. No offense, but we all know that Malaysia is not as safe as Singapore and I guess it's only natural that I'm worried :S But all the worrying stopped me from having much fun :(

For example, Jacinta and I were going on this ride that goes 360° but there wasn't any checks to make sure that our seat belts were tightened. That really worried me and because of that, I refused to go on a second round hahahaha. In fact, we only took each ride once. I'm glad that we visited the theme park before its closure though, because we managed to take lots of photos and I will miss this place.

Went to the money changer and because we ran out of cash already :S Then we returned to the hotel to rest because we are old people who can't walk around for long wtf. And headed to First World Plaza for overpriced nasi lemak dinner because I was craving for it wtf.

I made a wish at the wishing well but whether it comes true or not, I'm happy with what I already have. I'm really so grateful for all the good things happening in my life right now. Sometimes I feel so overwhelm with happiness, I feel like crying because I don't know what have I done to deserve such blessings. :')

We returned to the hotel, only to come out again in the middle of the night because we both got hungry hahahaha. And I decided to wear my skater skirt instead because it's much more comfortable!

 Braving through the weather at 17°C without a jacket because I'm strong like that LOL.

Slacked our time away at a mini cafe and I received so many stares because of my kitty beanie and green hair wtf. Oh, and a guy came super near my ears just to whisper "meow" to me. Like wtf?!?!?!?!?! That dude was creepy as hell I swear. But, oh well, I kinda enjoy the attention from people turning their heads to get a second look at my green hair lolol.

Alright, day 3 ends here. I'll blog about the last part of my Genting trip really soon!!!

P.S. I'm not a tour group kind of traveller but if you're interested in a Genting tour, here's one from KKday!

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