Sometimes the best things are taken for granted.

August 07, 2013

It's the NDP time of the year again, and listening to previous years' NDP songs never fails to make me miss secondary school :( This is the first year I'm not officially a part of the NDP celebration in school and you know what? I miss shouting the lyrics of the year's NDP songs, and nobody judges because we are all having so much fun.
I miss having to stand still during the parade and complaining to my friends but deep down, we know that we are all proud of Singapore and how far we've come.
I miss dragging my friends up whenever the teachers play 'Stand Up for Singapore'.
I miss gathering in a large school hall full of students wearing red (and using this opportunity to wear their home clothes). Regardless of race, language or religion, we all sing the national day songs with pride.

And admit it, no matter how old or how cool you think you are, this is you when the song 'Home' plays:

I returned to school today for the national day celebration but it's just not the same anymore :( I guess the atmosphere is different once you know that you are not a part of it officially and your classmates are no longer there.

It was great catching up with my teachers and some of my friends who are still in school though.

My favourite NDP songs in the recent years are 'Song for Singapore' (2010) and 'In a Heartbeat' (2011). What about yours?

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