I knew.

August 11, 2013

When I was seven, I saw with my own eyes how twisted adults could get just because of money. I saw what my own family member can do just to get what he wanted. I saw how someone I loved and respected so much could betray his kin for his own selfish gain.

I learnt in my Media in Society lessons that according to the Powerful Effects Theory, the media is like a hypodermic needle; it can inject messages into you, telling you what to believe and what to do. That is why are some movies rated PG and others NC16/M18/R21 - to prevent minors from seeing things they are not supposed to see. The government knows how damaging it is for a kid to see a scene like this. 

I wasn't supposed to see the dark side of humans, or know how evil human nature can be. 

But I saw reality. 
I knew. 
And that changed everything.

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