I need an adventure

February 01, 2015

It's been so long since my last travel adventure and even longer since I last travelled to a new country. I'm an explorer at heart and I can't stand being in the same place for so long. The wanderlust in me is burning and I want to get out there, visit somewhere new, relax and have fun. Doesn't matter if I'm doing it alone or with someone I love. I honestly just hate the thought staying stagnant when my peers are exploring the world and going to places I can only dream of.

I miss being unfamiliar with names of places, being scared that I would get robbed, but still enjoying every bit of my travel. I miss how it feels like to try to remember every part of the experience because I probably won't be back anytime soon.  I miss going to new places, taking photos, posing weirdly because I know I'll never see those people again. I miss running around, shopping, frantically converting money to SGD.

I miss being serene, being at peace with myself because I'm only happy when I'm travelling. I miss sorting out my thoughts when I'm alone without anyone chasing me for any answer and just enjoying the bus/plane ride. I miss cherishing every single moment because I know it will be gone soon. I miss waking up being excited because a new day means a new adventure and I've got no time to waste!

I wish with all my heart that I could go somewhere this coming holidays. It doesn't even matter if I'm exploring somewhere new or revisiting a place; I just can't wait to be on the go again. I was so excited at the thought of being on an adventure again that I even did a Google search on the safest places to travel to for a solo female traveller.

But my dreams were crushed when I realised any plans will have to wait till I earn enough cash because fixing my teeth (will blog about that soon) is such a burden :-( I guess I'll just have to make do with exploring Singapore for now.


One day, one day.

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  1. visiting Christ the Redeemer in Brazil ~ one destination in my wish list :) & Great Wall of china too!

    1. my wishlist is a lot geekier! like visiting Pompeii, Rome (for Colosseum), North Korea etc hahahah